Abandoned Building Opportunities

Picture of the first PVHS A building. This building is currently known as pathways.

Picture of the first PVHS A building. This building is currently known as pathways.

Lynnly Johnson, Journalist

   What was formerly known as the A building has recently been rebranded in name as Pathways since it’s relocation in 2016 to the Pahrump Valley High School campus.  In 1974, the A building was built and used as a freshman building with remodeling taking place around 2003. They handed off the A building to Pathways as an alternative schooling for kids, while also offering night school for adults.

   The school district built the 1st and 2nd buildings around early 2007, and cu

rrently the 1st and 2nd buildings are being used. But what happened in that very old building and the other abandoned buildings and modulers around it? Does anyone use them? What are they used for? Why were they shut down in the first place?

Picture taken outside of the out of use mods. Shows how desolate it is as of now.

   The B building and modulars fell into disrepair when an issue of black mold and weathering appeared in both buildings.  The modulars are currently abandoned along with the B building, but before its complete abandonment, the school district began using the B building as storage for extra school materials. The school district didn’t try to repair the old building considering they had the new buildings and fixing the old ones would cost more than just switching over to the new ones.

   Black mold is a combination of microfungus that releases deadly to

xins, which is why it’s nickname is “toxic mold”. Black mold can form in buildings with vague materials that are water damaged.  Extended exposure to black mold can lead to extreme sickness, symptoms include breathing issues, headaches, nose bleeds, aches and pains and memory loss.

   The district doesn’t have the funding for more programs which is another reason for not repairing the old buildings. PVHS used to have other foreign language programs like French and German but those were shut down in 2010’s graduating class due to funding issues. Mr. Clasen, PVHS math teacher said that, “They want to put the money into what is being done,” he added that the district would rather improve than expand.

   Right now there are not many options for programs for students. There’s no medical program and only one foreign language. Most of this is due to lack of funding and lack of experienced staff for the positions. Not having a lot to choose from in terms of programs could make it much harder for kids to find something they want to do by the time they graduate, unable to experience  those fields.

   The B building and modulars aren’t being used to their fullest potential. If the school district could just receive some funding for programs, PVHS could really expand on its options and  provide more diversity for students. The modulars could really expand the amount of computer related programs like computer engineering, software technicians, botany, film editing, computer generated music and game design. It  If students have more choices to do something, they actually enjoy it’s possible that there would be more kids trying in school instead of messing around.

First A building being built. This is currently used for Pathways

   The old buildings aren’t only in disrepair; the technology and rooms really aren’t up to date either. If the school district were to try to use the old buildings they would not only have to repair the buildings and find staff, but they’d also have to update the structure and technology. The funding it would take just to repair could add up to around ten million dollars. The new technology could add another two million.