Pahrump’s Very Own Golf Course: What About It?

   The golf course in the early morning has some of the prettiest views. Many people come to Mountain Falls for pictures because it looks so amazing (Photo Courtesy Elite Management).

The golf course in the early morning has some of the prettiest views. Many people come to Mountain Falls for pictures because it looks so amazing (Photo Courtesy Elite Management).

   Golf: the sport that no one wants to admit is actually a sport, is actually pretty fun when you know what you’re doing. Non-experienced players always think that hitting the ball perfectly at a good angle and at an exact power-level is the easiest to do. Well, come out and play and find out how TEE-riffic golfing is!

   This is one of the few sports that people can play for almost their whole lifetime. It requires lots of coaching and learning how to chip, putt, and hit your driver. The whole goal is to have the lowest score as possible, or to reach par, the expected number of strokes per hole.

   The last paragraph might have sounded Greek to most readers. Most games start off with trying to hit your driver, getting the ball as close to the green, or the goal, as possible. You then continue to chip and hit the ball towards the green, and once you hit the goal, you putt the ball in the hole.

Sean Owens, Zach Wilkerson, and Pete Poulis, all new freshmen, are planning on doing Boys Golf in the Spring. Practices start Monday, February 24, at Mountain Falls.

   Mountain Falls Golf Course is the third best out of twenty-five golf courses in Nevada, and it is the only professional 18-hole golf course in Pahrump. The course also includes a practice range to use your clubs for different purposes. This mainly includes putting, chipping, and using your driver.

   In order to get around the course, most use a golf cart. Or if you can’t drive a cart, walking works too. Every two holes, there is a water stop and a trash can, so if you want to have a drink or snack, Mountain Falls has you covered.

   In order to drive a golf cart, you must at least have your permit or your license. The cart includes a GPS that navigates you around the course, and every cart includes an ice box with bottled water so you can stay hydrated!

   Many have also not heard of the mixed sport, footgolf. The golf course offers footgolf where players can basically play soccer on a golf course. The rules are almost the same as golf except you’re kicking a big soccer ball.

   “I’ve played golf and soccer, so Footgolf is the most fun to play at the course,” says Sean Owens, PVHS Freshman. “I’m ready to start playing once again as soon as springtime rolls around.”

   Before going on the course, or even after, you can visit the Mountain Falls Pro Shop which has all of the necessities for a golfer’s needs. They sell drinks, clothing, golf balls, and golf supplies. You can also reserve the course by talking to a helper in the shop.

   Mountain Falls also includes different packages that you can purchase at the counter, such as the Birdie Package and the Eagle Package. These two include a golf cart, two drink tickets (to use at the clubhouse), free golf balls, and a 20 dollar certification to the Mountain Falls Pro Shop. The Eagle Package lets players use rental clubs worth two Birdie Packages.

   Now, if you get especially hungry, right across from the course is the Mountain Falls Clubhouse. The Grill Room, which is open to the public, is just the place to go if you’re hungry. It opens at 10AM and is grilling through the rest of the night.

   The Grill Room features a sweet view of the golf course, and is even used for weddings and celebrations. Recently, there was a Valentine’s Day dinner hosted at the restaurant and there are other events such as Monday Night Football.   


Shania Hopkins golfed for Pahrump Valley High in the Fall season. She was the only Varsity Freshman and went to the State Championships. Great job!

On the other side, for residents at Mountain Falls is a full-on lounge, gym, workout room, and even a pool. There are even classes such as karate and yoga held inside of the workout room. Residents are allowed to bring guests, as long as officials know. 

   “The best part about this golf course has to be how peaceful and green it is,” says Shania Hopkins, PVHS Freshman Golfer. “I’ve been golfing for a long, long time and Mountain Falls has always been my go-to spot.” Her grandfather, Bob Hopkins, coaches the golf team alongside Steve Nygaard, Assistant Coach.

   Overall, Mountain Falls has lots to offer for golfers in the making. Golfers on the PV team get to use the course for free and once the sun sets, they can make their way over to have a nice meal at the club house. Golf is a fun sport to try, so before you mock that one kid that plays for fun, see how it is for yourself.

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