Jessica Jetty, Journalist

Music is something that is all around the world, it’s a part of every culture, it’s something that has multiple genres. And, it always has a different meaning, each song has a different message behind it. Music is something that everyone listens to, whether it’s classical, country, or rap. For some people music is an escape from life, reality, and society. It’s also a way to vent and let out your feelings.
Some artists will leave messages through their lyrics that not everyone will get and understand, while others can hear it instantly and perfectly understand it. Research shows that for some people music has helped them through life. That it has been an escape from their lives and has helped them with their mental state. Also, for some people, certain artists/bands are the reason why they haven’t given up and have been able to keep going. Artists will make lyrics that show that the listeners aren’t alone and that others are dealing with something similar to what they are dealing with. It tells them that it is okay to get help and what they are dealing with they are not dealing with it alone. Also that people are there for them and want to help them get through whatever it is that they are dealing with.
For some music helps them concentrate on the task they were given, or helps them focus on something. Some work way better with music then them working without music. Nowadays music is everywhere. It’s in games, television shows, movies, and even apps on phones. You ride the bus and you can turn on the radio and listen to music. You can pay money to remove ads to listen to music. You can even choose a song to wake up to with your alarm clock, and as your notification and ringtone. There are even ways for you to make/remix your own music. People can also beatbox which sounds freaking awesome. There are events that allow people to challenge each other to see who the better beatboxer is. Music is literally everywhere.
There’s also more and more music being made everyday by multiple people around the world. Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to music but there’s so many genres that everyone can listen to it and enjoy it to the fullest. There’s even people who enjoy music in a different language than what they speak. There’s even music that is just completely beat with no lyrics that some people absolutely love. Music is something that everyone loves and enjoys. Music really is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to humans. It’s one of the greatest things in the whole world. It’s one of humanity’s best creations. No matter where you are in the world, no matter what ethnicity you are, or what sexuality you are, you can always listen to and enjoy music. And that is something most people can agree on.