How COVID-19 has Affected Young Athletes

Leah Mennealy

On December 19th 2019 there was a deadly disease discovered called coronavirus also known as covid-19. The reason for this the U.S had to go into a pandemic. The shutdown has temporarily stopped all sports which has affected many athletes.


Kids all around the world love playing sports. If you ask any Highschool athlete, they will tell you how much they love the sport they play. These athletes are willing to sacrifice family events, public events, and even their own events such as birthdays. Due to covid-19, these kids sports are being postponed or even canceled. The likelihood that these sports will start but up again is at a very low chance. This has caused a great upset in many kids around the world.


Sports can be a career. Most kids who play sports dream to make it professional one day. Being a professional athlete comes with many perks. The main perks are money and fame. With Covid-19 being a high risk for these kids, they aren’t able to practice in large groups of people and get the right equipment to practice. Some kids aren’t as fortunate as others to where they can get training. These athletes’ dreams are being crushed.


Sports also help with teen’s health and social skills. In sports you gain bonds with people you never would’ve thought you could. Sports can make emotional teens feel comfortable. A team is like a family, except with this family you learn how to lead and negotiate to reach a common goal. If you were taken away from your family or something you love with a passion how would you feel? Not only is that happening with sports but legitimately as well. Covid is splitting people from the things they admire. For an athlete this could put them in a very sad state. These athletes were recently practicing all together again social distancing and once again covid took that away. This can take the motivation out of kids because they’re upset at the fact that their sport is being taken away from them. Also not being able to see people in the matter of months can take away a lot of their social skills.


As an athlete, physical health is also something that can be affected by not being able to play sports because of a virus. Athletes are usually lean and muscular. They are fit and in amazing shape. Even though there are bigger athletes and linemen, they are also very fit and strong. With the lack of practice and equipment to work out, kids will become out of shape and unhealthy. They will gain weight since they aren’t used to eating the way they do currently. Plus at practices they usually burn all that fat. Without practices there will be no calorie-burning, therefore these kids will become overweight or have health issues; unless kids work out the extreme amount as they would in practices.


Covid-19 is ruining almost everything for young athletes around the world. These young athletes are having their dreams crushed. Times are very hard for these kids especially not being able to socialize. This is very hard on their mental health. They may start to feel alone and get sad day by day. Kids who eat a lot for their sports need to watch what they eat which can affect their mental health as well. Hopefully sports will have a comeback soon, but as for now, Covid-19 is greatly affecting sports and young athletes around the world.