Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims

The Election polls have had a lot of controversy as to if they are accurate or not, there have been many claims of voter fraud, and tampered or torn ballots.


There are many claims of the voting polls being rigged and that there is voter fraud occurring. About only half of all republicans believe that Donald Trump “rightfully won” as said by Chris Khan on It seems as if only half of Republicans can accept that Trump lost the election. So the other half turned towards the election workers. Daniel Funke on says that election workers were falsely accused of misconduct, and that this election was among the most secure in American history. These election workers picked a bad time to be election workers. And don’t forget that they have an angry mob of Trump supporters to deal with. It is becoming more and more obvious that Trump supporters are sore losers who can’t face up to the reality that Biden won fair and square. And that they are very thick headed. 


Trump at this point is famous for his many voter fraud claims. Many of his claims were proven to be fake. But He still can’t face the reality that He lost the election to Biden. Which has led to Georgia election workers pulling the footage for the ballot counting. Justin Gray on says that the footage that was put out by the Georgia election officials had no ballots magically appear. But of course Trump will say this is false, fake and will go to the supreme court to have a recount of Georgia’s votes. As all this is happening a new video has come out where some suspicious things happened. In the video Georgia GOP secretary of state says he has already investigated the ‘Bombshell’ video Rudy Giliiani claims proves voting fraud and says it shows nothing out of the ordinary as said by Geoff Earle on It is becoming more and more obvious that Trump is a sore loser. 


There are so many claims at this point that the election was rigged and that Biden cheated. All these claims are sickening, you can’t imagine being the supreme court at this point. Out there right now is a new claim that has surfaced started by Trump of course. The claim is about the late ballots being counted as valid instead of invalied. But this was false as quoted by Oliva Rubin on Trump’s claim that the ballots that came in late were counted was proven to be false. It is becoming more and more obvious that Trump is a sore loser trying to hold on to his power. Trump’s facts are indisputable: President Trump had lost as quoted by Philp Rucker, Ashley Parker, Josh Dawsey and Amy Gardner on The Hispanic At this point it’s obvious that Trump supporters are mindless sheep who follow Trump everywhere He goes. In conclusion Trump and Trump supporters are sore losers who can’t face up to the reality that Biden one fair and square an that they lost. So instead of taking in reality they started this whole ruckus of voter fraud and misinformation, that of course the media blew way out of proportion.