The Pandemic is Ruining Our Lives

Society is currently under the looking glass whilst battling this pandemic. Schooling is restricted, mental health is damaged, and selflessness is no longer a common trait. Staying six feet apart has formed a dent in education. Quarantined parents and children are struggling mentally. People have become extremely selfish and rude and all of this was because of the pandemic.


Becca McElroy, Journalist

Are the COVID-19 restrictions more helpful than they are harmful? Students are struggling, mental health is going downhill, and rude and selfish acts are shining through. 

The current state of schools is particularly harmful for students. Whilst it is a good thing that multiple schools are doing hybrid learning instead of being fully online, it does not change the fact that the children are not getting the best education that they could. According to journalist Siobhan Mcandrew “Schools in Nevada can open for summer school and activities including in-person instruction as long as students and staff can remain at least six feet apart.” Because of social distancing children are not getting the full educational experience. Many lessons can not be taught six feet apart. How can children do labs in their science classes? How can teachers make class more interesting for students? Without creativity and hard work it would be an extremely difficult task.

Students are forced to endure hours upon hours of boring notes and facts from textbooks that are extremely draining to remember. The reason that we must socially distance is understandable, but it is making school incredibly difficult and unlikable for students. The hours upon hours of boring lectures and taking notes is hitting students hard, as if they were a punching bag. Students work better when they are interested in what they are working on, and social distancing is a ginormous contributing factor.

Quarantine has also turned into a major source of stress for both adults and children. Children who have been in quarantine are starting to lack social skills and motivation. The same thing goes for their parents, having to worry about their health, their children’s schooling, their work, it is ridiculously stressful. According to a study directed by Silman M “…post traumatic stress scores were four times higher in children who had been quarantined than in those not quarantined.” The pandemic is affecting people in a negative way mentally. The children have extreme levels of post traumatic stress syndrome, just because they were staying at home, but it is not that simple. Something as confusing and largely important as the pandemic has to be stressful for our children. 

People have seemed to lose their humanity because of the pandemic. Society has always been quite selfish but the Corona Virus really brought everything out. People complain about the simplest things because of their preferences. Wearing masks is a requirement at the moment and you would assume that the majority of people would cooperate politely. Sadly that is not the case, there are several individuals that care more about their comfort than the health of people. That selfishness is understandable, up to a point. Adults have been seen throwing fits in stores because they were asked to wear a mask. It is ridiculous how the world we live in has thrown politeness out the window so fast over this.

Our nation was formed because a large group of individuals decided they did not want to be led by a man who had no regard for them or their health; a man known by the name of King Goerge The III who was incredibly selfish. These people fought a war for their freedom and independence from such a selfish individual. Yet, here we are throwing fits over wearing a mask. The people of our nation have become lunatic, and it took the pandemic for such a thing to be noticed by so few people. Yes, quarantine, social distancing, and wearing masks are all very important, but people are falling apart because of these things. Our nation is becoming destroyed because of the pandemic.