Family at Access Realty

Access Realty. A family and community oriented business that will never let you down. The employees are friendly, the office is homey, and all in all the staff at Access feels at home when they are at work and continuously help others find amazing homes.


Becca McElroy, Journalist

Family. Community. Growth. These words typically do not come to mind when thinking about a real estate office, but they do come to mind when I think about Access Realty. 

Access Realty is a family business that is owned by Kim Washington and her son and daughter, Walter Turner and Sidney Johnson. I interviewed Walter to get a better understanding of the business on the 24th of April. I soon learned that Access is very community-based. The agents are the first people any new residents will meet, they welcome them, get to know them, and are their first look into our amazing community.

Walter Turner has been working at Access Realty since 2004 officially but did help out around the office before then since it is a family business. Walter had a career in entertainment for a short amount of time but soon returned to Access. When asked about it Walter said, “It’s what I knew.”

The Access staff is like a second family to its employees just like the office is a second home. Walter Turner said that his favorite part about the office was the staff. He said, and I quote, “We have fun. Kinda like a second family.” The employees are very nice and friendly people. 

My mother (Maria McElroy) is a real estate agent at Access. Since I was in the third grade I have visited the office a couple of times and I have always felt welcome. They are always friendly, considerate, and generous. I have never gone thirsty or hungry in the office. When I went in for my interview my colleague had forgotten a mask and the front desk had one on hand for us free of charge. The Access Realty family is never afraid to help.

Whilst the people at Access are extremely friendly there are times when people would be particularly unhappy with the real estate agents. Sometimes the budget is too high or something is out of reach for their clients. Once in a while, these agents will have to deliver bad news. Walter Turner said that that was his least favorite part of the job. 

I asked Walter if he would encourage young people (such as college and high school graduates) to get a career in real estate. His reply was very logical. He spoke on how you would have to be in it for the long run and you would have to be very passionate about it. It is not just a job it is a career. A lot of time and effort goes into real estate because these people are finding homes for others. The amount of effort that a person can or cannot put into finding a house can largely affect another human being’s life from that point forward, but I have no doubt in my mind that Access Realty provides their clients with the best service and houses that fit their needs. 

Access Realty is not just a real estate office. It is a family, and it is constantly growing and helping our community.