Do the students at Pahrump Valley High have too much student workload?

Students and teachers are all affected by student workload, but it doesn’t only apply to students and teachers, it can also affect everyone else around them. So do the students and teachers at Pahrump Valley High School feel underwhelmed or overwhelmed with our workload?

Kayla Knight, Journalist

Student workload is something that everyone has opinions about. Whether your opinion is that you believe that students don’t have enough work, or you could think that us students have way too much work and should be assigned less, overall student workload is tough. No matter what, student workload can be either hard on all students or it can be fairly easy. Not only does the amount of work you are given affect your school life and your outside of school life it can also affect the people around you. Although it probably doesn’t rub off onto anyone more than your teachers, they also have their own form of student workload but for them it is just their work, their job.While talking to students and teachers many people have agreed that it can also really affect your parents or family, they probably try to help out as much as they can but if the work is difficult for you, it is most likely difficult for them. So what do you believe; are you overwhelmed with your work or do you think that you need more work assigned to you because what you have now isn’t enough?

Rhiannon O’Dell

Of course students are always going to have work to do, but some of it can be extra work or barely any work at all. It all really depends on the class because every teacher has a different way of teaching. There can be teachers that you could love their class because the work is so easy to complete, and there are also the teachers that you don’t like being in their class because you just feel bored by the work or it is stressful. When interviewing students, Dominic Siegmund PVHS sophomore, said that it depends on whether he feels stressed with work and that it depends on the topic that he is working on. Siegmund is also in student council, and is in many honors classes as well as an AP class, so you could imagine that he has his fair share of work to complete everyday. Siegmund, as well as other students who aren’t in any, or who are only in a few honors or AP classes were interviewed. Rhiannon O’Dell, a PVHS sophomore stated that every day their teachers assign them too much work and they can feel overwhelmed with the amount they are given, and that it is also very time consuming. O’Dell also added that all of the work they are assigned can really distract them from doing the things that they like to do in their so-called “free time”. As students you already probably know how most of your peers feel about student workload, but you probably don’t take the teacher’s perspective and how they feel about the topic. 

Mr. Taylor Herron

Teachers, as well as students, have tons of work to do. Not only do they actually teach the lesson multiple times everyday, they have to make up the work they assign, and grade it for every single student that turns it in. Most students probably don’t think that their teachers relate to them about the work overload, but in my interview with Taylor Herron, a PVHS English teacher,  he believes that his students relate to him about having too much work and that he also gets overwhelmed with his own work. Your teachers probably relate to you more than you know, and a lot of people probably second guess that. Some teachers even don’t like dealing with all the work that they have to grade but most of the work teachers are assigned is required. While talking to Heather Unthank, a PVHS English teacher, she thinks that because she has so many different classes that it is very easy for teachers to get overwhelmed as well as the students with the amount of work that they have with their multiple classes. 

So yes, everyone knows that students, teachers, and everyone else involved in students lives, that student workload can be a lot to deal with. Every student has their work that they have to do and not only manage their school life but also their home life. There is so much time that students have to give up in order to finish that last assignment or study for that big test. Not only do the students give up their free time, the teachers give up their free time for grading and making all of the assignments trying to track things and make sure that every grade is in place. Your family also gives up a lot as well, no matter if it’s taking you to an event that you need to attend to get a grade for, or buying things for projects, or not being able to spend as much time with you since during your youth years your main focus is school. You are in school 5 days of the week, for about 7 hours, and sometimes even longer for other activities you might do, and you usually have work that comes home with you for you to do as well. So everyone can agree to disagree on whether or not they believe that students have too much work or not enough.