High School Relationships and The Negative Aspect of Them

High school is a way for students to meet a diverse range of people and personalities. Sometimes, meeting these new people can lead to platonic or romantic relationships. Are these relationships really good for the students, or do they distract them from other important things?



Ashleigh Syfert, Ad Editor

Throughout this article, you will see me use “they” a lot when referring to a person. This is because I’m writing this article in anonymity to keep the interviewees safe from backlash, and hate. It is also to protect the identity of the people that the interviewees are talking about. 

High school relationships can cause a lot of drama for both parties. People may start spreading rumors or turning others against a specific person. This is partially because teenagers are irrational and act out over small things, especially with hormonal imbalance and the feeling of losing a romantic connection. This was the case for one student. When asked if it was awkward to see their ex in the hall, they replied with “ Yeah, because they stare at me all the time. They’ve been spreading rumors so it makes it even more awkward when I walk by them or their friends.” This shows the effect a breakup can have on the people involved and their friends. When asked if it was awkward in the halls, another student said, “I don’t really see them much but when I do I just shrug it off.” This tells me that the student just wants to avoid drama especially with their ex. 


As a teenager, self-esteem is fragile and hard to build up. Little things throughout the years can pick at it and lower it until it eventually shatters. When a person that is close to you is the one picking at your appearance, your personality, or how you act, it impacts you a lot more. One student stated that “I didn’t have a lot of self esteem. So getting into a relationship, I thought that would change, but every day there were little snarky comments about how I looked… They would constantly talk about how other girls would look better than me and it made me feel horrible.” This aids the theory that self-confidence is easily destroyed. It also shows that some people can actually help one’s self esteem. However, if you don’t find the right person you can basically throw that whole dream out the window. Another student said, “Yeah, I felt highly of myself, and then at the end I didn’t.” Again, this proves the theory that self esteem is fragile and can be broken easily. 

One of the big questions people have about high school relationships is; Does it affect school work? Based on the answers I received, yes, yes it does. They said that they would put their school work off. One even said that “ All the time, I would push off my own school work just to help them with theirs.” Another stated that “ I had bad grades and I always felt tired or sick.” This shows that relationships can affect mental and physical qualities in a person. 

The interviewees didn’t go into huge detail, but a common theme amongst them all included their ex gaslighting them, manipulating and controlling them. One even stated that they felt “Suffocated; I felt like I couldn’t do anything, even at my own house. They were controlling and it felt as if they were constantly breathing down my neck… If I wanted to hang out with friends or family, I was in the wrong.” This further demonstrates the constant that teenagers are vulnerable and fragile. 


As for platonic relationships, all of their friendships were affected. Being social and having friends overall is an excellent way to further their mental development. It can help lead to new things and friendships. When these friendships are affected by something such as a romantic partner, the teens struggle. One student declared, “ My friendships were affected terribly. They didn’t want me hanging out with my friends which drove us apart.” This leads to the teen not having anyone to turn to after an argument or just a basic family issue. This concludes in the teen feeling worse than ever and like they are alone. 

Overall, romantic relationships can lead to great things. Some even said they don’t regret the relationship because of character development. However, now knowing the negatives can make others warier of the effect these relationships can have. Yes, the relationships can affect one in multiple ways, but as long as precautions are taken they are safe.