Climate Emergency

Climate change has been going on for about literally forever and that is our fault it is so bad, so we have to make some sort of change before it is too late and we won’t be able to fix anything.

Yanira Hermoso, Journalist

Climate change isn’t something that you can change overnight. It’ll take years to help but in order for it to change we need to help it change. Over a certain period of time, if we humans want to help change the Earth’s climate change, everyone has to help, it can not just rely on one person. We have put the earth in such a bad state, we have to fix it.

Little do we know everything humans do ends up hurting the earth. If it’s driving to school or work, leaving the light to your living room on for hours non-stop, it does some sort of damage to the world. “Carbon dioxide is the climate’s worst enemy. It’s released when oil, coal, and other fossil fuels are burned for energy—the energy we use to power our homes, cars, and smartphones,” Stated Melissa Denchak, A Freelance writer and editor. She mentions what things do the earth harm being things humans do. Human activity is increasing world temperatures, “The world is now about 1.2C warmer than it was in the 19th Century – and the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has risen by 50%.” There are many possible ways to help change and or help make a change. Using solar power and skylights, buying energy-efficient appliances, turning off the water when it is not being used, actually eating most of the foods you buy instead of letting them go bad, and eating less meat. Driving an electric car actually helps stop putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Many more other things can cause climate change but these things humans do, we can help change.

Speak Up about it. No one will help you if you don’t get your voice out there. “Talk to your friends and family, and make sure your representatives are making good decisions,” Haq says. By voicing your concerns” By voicing your concerns so many people will hear about it and choose to help you. Then many more people can speak up about it. You can’t assume people are going to help you just by reading your mind, you have to speak up about it if not, no one is going to help you or be willing to help you. You can motivate others and encourage them to help in some sort of way.

During the 2020 Covid-19 world pandemic most of the population was being quarantined to help slow the spread of disease. The Ozone layer was at its healthiest point in decades because carbon emissions decreased and The Ozone layer was “healing” during the quarantine. The decreasing amount of cars being used less and less during the pandemic helped the ozone layer heal too.“while carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions fell by 5.4% in 2020, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere continued to grow at about the same rate as in preceding years.” Even so, if we keep up the use of fewer cars and more electric cars the Ozone layer can heal properly and we will have no troubles with the ozone layer and it can heal the gap in it with the help of us. Even though it could be increasing again, we can still Fix it to keep it healthy. (NASA on The Commons)

It’s our fault the climate is this bad, if we made it this bad it is our job to fix it. The pandemic helped with the ozone layer keeping it healthy which we can help keep it healthy too. Speak up so we can help change. Everything we do hurts the earth. We can actually put in the time and work to help the earth but if you don’t start helping now or making a change who will?