Oh, no Teen HeartBreak!

Teen love, It’s a funny thing, you go through so much to get with that one person but it ends just like most teenage relationships will. A high school is a dirty place, rumors get spread, people cheat, fight, arguments, everything just makes it hard to love someone.



Grace Kopulos, Journalist

Teen heartbreak and all together with love. Most teen relationships go through many different hardships since they’re so young and only in high school. A lot of high school teen relationships don’t usually make it out of high school. Relationships start off with meeting them and falling for them, then seeing red flags and becoming jealous or petty, then the relationship just ends because they can’t see a future with that person anymore. Painful to hear but very true.


“They feel that they always want to be together, and boundaries often melt away. The two seem to merge together, or at least feel eager to do so.” was stated in an article I read about teen relationships(Mbgrelationships), written by Linda Carrol. This helps back up that when you first get with the first love you never want to part with them, it shows you just want to experience all there is to experience. Most teens still have yet to experience their first love, When discussing this with a high school freshman. I asked some questions regarding first love and what she had to say was very interesting. When I asked if she has experienced her first love her response was “I wouldn’t call him my first love more of an idiotic decision I made.” Wheeler is excited to experience her first real love but is worried because she doesn’t know what true love is.  If she was to go through a tough heartbreak she is saying her cousins and close friends would be the one to cheer her up which I find very true.

Teenagers usually get jealous very easily or lose feelings for their significant other a lot easier than grown-ups, as stated in the article – The stages of a teen relationship- “teenagers feel impatient, dried out, and stressed towards the other half either because of the lack of interest or dislike towards the bad habits of the other half.”  There are different stages in a teen’s relationship starting off as getting together and never wanting to be apart but then the relationship gets difficult. The easy way to simplify this is that the teens won’t last because they don’t know how to keep it real, they are trying to have an adult-type relationship while they are still kids.


The happiness that comes with your first love, You’re able to gain so many happy memories with your first love while feeling the happiest you’ve ever felt. “It may not last, but the memories can be magical. No teenager wants to hear that this young love affair won’t last or is nothing compared to grownup love,” stated Jaimie Station. The memories you gain while being with that person are the ones you shall never forget. No matter how tough the breakup is or the hatred you have for that one very person the love will always be there.

Teenage heartbreak is always going to hurt the most because of the way it usually ends. Teenagers are just still so young that loving someone in that way is complicated, especially because they’re still learning to love themselves. Therefore a teen’s relationship could either be a huge win or a big fail. You’ll never know you’ve 7just got to wait and see.