What to expect in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

December 16, 2021 the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise released a sequel titled, “Security Breach.” New fans and older ones alike came together for the new release.


Isabel Miller, Journalist

Our protagonist, Gregory, finds himself lost within Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex. With closing time dawning near, he attempts to escape. While navigating through the Pizza Plex he is greeted by Freddy Fazbear. Freddy, upon finding Gregory, is determined to assist the boy in his quest to survive the night. Despite Gregory’s best effort, he’s locked within the Pizza Plex. The Pizza Plex’s security guard, Vanessa, offers to help the boy, but Gregory refuses, deeming her untrustworthy. Vanessa, frustrated with this development, sends all the animatronics off to search and capture Gregory. With hours remaining, our duo explores the Pizza Plex, in search of escape.

The Pizza Plex has a variety of attractions although it’s mostly known for its animatronic band. The band is composed of Freddy Fazbear, Glamrock Chica, Roxanne Wolf, and Montgomery Gator. Three of four are our secondary antagonists.

The game has an eccentric cast of characters, each with their own set of unique abilities. As introduced earlier, Freddy is an electronic bear who plays the lead singer. He’s been given the ability to hide Gregory in his chest cavity, as well as be summoned at Gregory’s command (via Fazwatch). Despite the overpowered nature of his abilities, they are limited, as he is periodically required to be charged. The charge capsules are often found in offices and along hallways.

Glamrock Chica is an electronic chicken who plays lead guitarist. She’s been given the ability to stun other animatronics and objects. The ability is commonly referred to as her beak/voice box, which can be obtained if defeated. Chica is known by staff members to be infatuated with pizza, insomuch that she’s been found digging among the garbage disposal in search of it. With this knowledge at our disposal, you’re given the option to lure her into the hydraulic press. Hence trapping and squashing her, although be aware that it does not kill her but damages her greatly.

Roxanne Wolf, nicknamed Roxy, is an electronic wolf who plays the keytar. She’s been gifted with the ability to spot hidden items which cannot be accessed without them. While the ability doesn’t affect her directly, the player may gain them after her defeat. Roxy is known to roam around “Roxy Raceway”, a bumper car arena. While there you may ram into her, damaging her and thus gaining her eyes. Once objects such as Chica’s beak/voicebox and Roxy’s eyes are obtained you may head over to, “Parts and Services” to upgrade Freddy. Once again none of these activities kill the animatronics, it only increases your chance of survival.

Last but not least, Montgomery Gator, commonly referred to as Monty, is an electronic gator who plays as lead bassist. He can be found lurking around at the Monty Golf. To defeat Monty the player must avoid him whilst shooting the targets with the “Fazer Blaster.” After completing all targets you may be able to pour ball pit balls over Monty, crushing him.

Despite the band taking the spotlight, other robots roam the halls. Many of which act as security guards and should be avoided. If caught, they will alert the nearest band member, resulting in death. Unlike other video games, you’re only given one life. Once your life is lost, you’re presented with the option to quit or spawn at the last available save point. Save points can be found after any major development or at the start of another. Such major developments may include defeating a boss, or gaining access to a new area.

After the completion of all animatronics, you may continue onto the final boss and proceed to one of many possible endings.