Around PVHS: After School Tutoring

There are many after school activities here at Pahrump Valley High School to attend, but most of them are done for fun and enjoyment. At PVHS an after school tutoring program is also offered to every student that attends, so that they can get help keeping their grades up.


Kayla Knight, Journalist

After-school tutoring at PVHS is a new after school program that has only been around since November of 2021. The program offers students the ability to achieve help with core classes such as English, math, social studies, and science. Students are able to sign into the school’s website and sign in, then they go to the cafeteria for a short period of time to get a snack while they also get to socialize with their peers. After they figure out what class they are going to that day they are assigned to a teacher in that category along with a group of other students. When the groups are placed they follow the teacher into whatever room that the teacher decides to go to. The groups get together at around 2:45 pm and then once they are at the room they need to be in they leave around 4:10 pm to go home. 

Mrs. Shanda Roderick

Shanda Roderick is an English teacher at PVHS and she is also the advisor for after school tutoring. While interviewing Roderick, I was curious about why she decided to advise the after school tutoring program, she stated, “They needed someone who knew how to organize it and I had experience. But, that is not the only reason. I have seen the studies that students who attend after school programs have higher graduation rates, GPA, and fewer discipline problems. I am hopeful that the program has those kinds of effects.” Roderick, along with advising this program, also has prior experience with other after school programs. In the past, at Rosemary Clarke Middle School she had been involved with the SAFE program for many years. As for Roderick, continuing to advise after school tutoring she says, “I don’t know. Schools and needs are always changing. I go where I am needed and I step back when I am no longer needed.” Although it isn’t guaranteed that she will advise it next year, many students that attend the program hope to see her continue next year. 

Now that we have learned more about Roderick and her personal experience and thoughts while being the advisor for the after school tutoring program, let’s hear about what some of the students at PVHS think of it as well. In an interview with freshman Jaynee Butterfield and asking her if she enjoyed after school tutoring she told me, “yeah it’s fun, it gives you more time to get your work done.” Many students that do attend it agree that it is a very helpful program that has helped them, and not only has it helped it is also enjoyable for them. In her interview as well Butterfield thinks that “yes I am now able to keep my grades up at a good

Jaynee Butterfield

level and it gives me more time to work on the things I actually need.” Overall the program has done so much good for a number of students that really needed the extra boost. When I asked Butterfield if she would recommend other students to join after school tutoring as well she told me, “yes! It’s a way of meeting more people and you actually get the help that you need, because sometimes in class you can’t.”

These are just a few of the many ways that after school tutoring can benefit the students here at PVHS. Many students feel as if they struggle with their at school tasks because of a number of reasons, but after school tutoring is there to help them out with any tasks that they need to tackle. Though the program has only been active for such a short amount of time it has benefited so many students and even the teachers who tutor as well. So if you are ever struggling with school work after school tutoring is a very good option for you to try. 

For more information about this program, you can reach out to Mrs. Shanda Roderick.