How local businesses like D&J Electric help serve Pahrump

D&J Electric is a homegrown business, and has been for 37 ongoing years. The electrical service has served the local community and built its name based on reputation.


Leo Finkler, Journalist

D&J electric is a local business owned by long time Pahrump resident Dan Ames. D&J was founded in 1985 making it one of the longest active businesses in this town. D&J is an electrical service company. They do everything from commercial buildings, to residential work, and service calls. When Ames started this business he didn’t have the cliché dream of starting a business and creating a legacy. His thought of starting this business was out of necessity and to put food on the table. He never liked the idea of working under someone else and always wanted to work for himself. When he first started the business he said it was fun and not very challenging as people knew he was available and helped build the business from there. 

Rick Finkler, Maureen Kahoopi, Dan Ames, Michelle Marshall, and Becki Ortiz

Since the takeoff of the business D&J has spent a lot of time and money giving back to the community. Almost every year they’ll sponsor one or more of the Pahrump Valley Little League teams. They also host and contribute to giving out turkeys to less fortunate families around the community. They have a very good reputation and have stayed around so long due to the strong trust the community has in them and their work. Ames said that the knowledge he has had led him to his success. Although he’s very experienced he said he “learns something new at least once a week”, so to go along with his past experiences, his learning helps keep him and the company modern. 

Turkey Drive

When talking with Ames he said his biggest issue was finding employees for such a hard working job. Dan said one of his biggest things with finding employees is finding someone to go out to work and be willing to learn and perfect their craft. He’s got a lot left in him to keep running D&J and plans on doing it when he believes he physically can’t. But when the time does come to relieve the stressful duties he will pass it on to his son Kyle. Kyle has been helping his dad for as long as he can remember and seems to be a great fit to continue his dad’s work. All around D&J has been very reliable and a strong staple to the town of Pahrump.

If you’d like to contact D&J Electrical their phone number is (775) 727-8296.