Around PVHS: Purple Club

Good morning for todays street conversation, I’ll be talking about Purple Club. I’m going to talk about this club today for a series of club articles you can check out more on the website. Purple Club, why is it here and what is it. So take a seat and stay a while and listen.

Around PVHS: Purple Club

Anthony Brown, Journalist

Red And Blue Make Purple 

“A strong economy begins with a strong, well-educated workforce.”

– Bill Owens

Alright, Purple Club you might be asking “What the is Purple Club, Anthony?” Well, it’s a political club, not class presidents and political advisors but instead, a club for people to come together and talk about politics. They try to create a safe place to learn and argue their political ideas and topics with each other. This, right now, is important because if we take a look outside at the world of politics. *gets ups and moves blinds* (It becomes an overviewing of the streets of LA) You see that dumpster down there that’s on fire with someone pouring grease on it? That’s where we are with politics. 

*sits down* With being in the information era we can talk to each other within a blink of an eye. We can move files, photos, and videos from one or two to whole libraries’ worth of info we can move within hours or even seconds. Even then we are in the worst time for misinformation with politics to even our news. This gives people a place people to discuss politics with other ideals no matter what you believe. If you’re left, right or even up and down, You get to listen to other people’s viewpoints and why they might have it, as well if it would work you get to think and theorize about different political ideas and if they would work in modern times. Knowing politics is important for every person because ideas lead to ideology, which leads to policies, and then politics which is the art of the possible, the attainable, and the art of the next best. It’s politics why we went to the moon. Why we stopped Smallpox, Typhoid, H1N1, Diphtheria, Polio, and H2N2 flu in America. Governments helped build a lot of the world’s wonders. Our Politicians are the best bet which I get that doesn’t show a lot, but that’s what we are left with for the next few years. We have to believe in the system for it to work even if you’re upset about the people who are seated currently. 

What’s going on within the club?

“Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?”

– Jane Austen          

Mr. Travis Joyce

The club is fun if you like talking about politics, morals, and ideals, but it’s your job to find out if you like it. There are two advisors for this club and a good handful of students. We have *flips pages* Mr. Joyce and a returning face, Mr. Butt. It was said that they “created the club to give students a chance to look and listen to other political ideas and thoughts. To allow them to get new ideas and different information.”       

Mr. Zachary Butt

It allows you to go away from your family, and think about your own ideas and morals, especially when your family is like mine, along with many other,s and politics is not good table talk unless you want your family to get upset and tell you that you are wrong and you don’t know anything because you’re not an adult or whatever. Ok, this club can have the most random conversations. Last week was “If you could sell organs legally and you went to buy people could you make money from it?” With this club, there are no real boundaries to what you can bring up, but don’t go too far into something that isn’t really appropriate for the public.

If you are interested in voicing your views or learning more about the views of others, come on in and join the fun on Fridays from 2:30 to 3:30. Misinformation can only be stopped if you get information from everywhere and I mean everywhere from the rumors to the records. Then look at all the pieces and try your best to fit the pieces together, and as well don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t let misinformation take control of your life. Look around and breathe in the bigger picture.