The Horse Community in Pahrump is Ye-hawing

Pahrump is filled with all types of horse people coming together.

The Horse Community in Pahrump is Ye-hawing

When it comes to horses and all the different types of events and shows that involve them, Pahrump has a wide variety of horse people in their community. From POSS´ to barrels races and ropings, Pahrump has it all. McCullogh Rodeo Arena is where all the action happens currently, we just had the end of the year Some Like It Hot race hosted and presented by Michell Chapel followed by the end of the year poss show.

Speaking of POSS, I had the opportunity to interview one of POSS’ contestants Chloe Sitter Jones “It’s a good community with very supportive and helpful people, I had a very big week coming home with a buckle and placing in the top three in each category. ” If you don know what POSS’ is it is where people show off their horses by getting them all cleaned up and it is open to the public with its different classes of shows. With that said there is also a ton of barrel races. For those who don’t know what that is, it is when a rider and their horse go around 3 metal barrels, the name of the game is straight lines, tight turns, and going as fast as you can; the fastest time of the race wins.

Mainly put on by the producer Michell Chapel with a few of her series races that go on once every month in the winter and at night in the summertime. Not only does Michell put on barrel races she also puts on ropings and mini breakaway jackpots. Team roping and breakaway are also timed events like barrels except there are cattle involved. For example, team roping includes two people with their two horses and one steer, The header is the first person to go they start from the chutes or the head box the point is to rope the head either around the horns, half head, or around the neck, dally off and turn left. After that is when the heeler comes in, their job is to rope the feet after the header catches and turners left, there are only two types of catches a heeler can have, two hind feet means clean and a single hind leg means plus five seconds added to your time. The fastest time wins also in team roping. As for breakaway, there is only one rider and one horse, and a calf, the point is to rope the calf as fast as you can to win they score this by using a barrier which gives the calf a 3-second head start before you can leave the box.

I also had the chance to interview my dad, Aaron Fisher, who has been heeling almost his whole life, Aaron is a computer and wins and competes in most of the ropings put on at the McCullogh Rodeo Arena. Aaron says, “I enjoy this lifestyle very much, getting to do this sport with my family while also watching them succeed with all the hard work they put into it. But the biggest part for me is making sure my family is humble and kind inside and outside the arena. Pahrump has a great community of people who also enjoy the sport that I and my family love so much. We are very thankful to live the lifestyle we do while also getting to watch your close friends and others do good as well.” The horse community in Pahrump is filled with all different types of people and horses but they are all like a family cheering and supporting everyone along the way.