Purple Club Interview

Purple Club is about sharing many ideas or opinions and having discussions about them.



Mr. Butt

Purple Club is about discussing politics, cultural trends, conspiracy theories, Ukraine, genders,  nuclear energy, and much more. The club also involves sharing ideas and opinions on certain topics that are discussed. The topics that are discussed might lead to arguing over the topic because not all people agree with the same opinions. Even though the arguments might also lead to learning about each other based on the opinions that they share, everyone respects one another.


Mr. Zachary Butt is a Social Studies teacher that has four after-school clubs. During Mr. Butt’s interview, he says that he enjoys all the discussions and arguments that he and the students have. “Having discussions can allow students to articulate content in their own words. Having argumentative discussions can clarify our thoughts and articulate them accurately.” The only issue that Mr. Butt has with his club is the number of people because not many attend on a regular basis. 


Also, during Victoria Cowart’s (a member of Purple Club) interview she says that she enjoys how it is an interesting place to feel and say whatever you please without judgment. Also “being able to speak your thoughts that you want to other people in the room. It’s a comfortable place to speak anything you please even though some people talk over others when they’re talking”, which is the biggest issue for Cowart. It’s the biggest issue for her because when she tries to say something when other people are talking over her, how are they going to hear and listen to what she has to say?


Samantha Ferguson, Wolfe Beckley, Victoria Cowart, John Warren, Sarah Port, Joshua Henkel, Anthony Brown

Lastly, during Wolfe Beckley’s interview (another member of Purple Club) he says that he most enjoys talking about things that most teachers probably don’t allow to be discussed. Some teachers won’t allow it to be discussed possibly because of the negativity that is included. Also, the biggest issue for Beckley is to confront and speak his ideas and opinions based on what they discuss to others. 


As a result, If you do join this club you get to have a voice and express how you feel about what people do discuss and get the chance to say your own ideas to others. Also, it might give you the chance to learn more about the people with the arguments and discussions. This club might give you the opportunity to say what’s on your mind that you probably can’t get to talk about with others. The day of Purple Club is on Mondays in Room 210 from 2:20-3:00. For anyone that wants to join this club they can email Mr. Butt at [email protected].