The Magic Behind the Lens

Theresa Graziano Photography shooting her way through town.


Theresa Graziano, who owns Theresa Graziano Photography has been serving the community with fantastic equine photos since 2009, she works out of her office at home and photographs equine events here in Pahrump. Mrs. Graziano started her photography business because her daughter decided she wanted to show horses. Mrs. Graziano said, “I got my love of photography from my mom who was just a hobbyist.” Mrs. Graziano photographs horse shows and some barrel races we have here in town, her daughter doesn’t show as much as she used to but still enjoys photographing horse shows.

I asked Mrs. Graziano to describe what some challenges were with photography, she replied, “Getting the right settings on the camera and getting the right shot.” Lighting is also a big part because if the sun is facing you, the camera can get overexposed and the pictures won’t look good. “Another big challenge is standing in the sun all day.” I also asked Mrs. Graziano what she loves about running her business, she said “Because pictures are pretty and they make people happy.” Pictures are like memories, you can keep them forever and remember the happy moments in life.

Mrs. Graziano said that she hopes to see her business grow in the future and carry on. Her first three years were very experimental, figuring out how to post albums for people to view and finding the right equipment. I asked her to list some of her threats and she said “Other photographers and moms with cameras. “One of the biggest opportunities is getting published, whether it’s on the internet or in a local newspaper.” She loves doing photography because it makes people happy, they get to enjoy that moment forever. 

Mrs. Graziano decided to be an animal photographer because animals are emotionally easier to work with. Photographing people is more difficult than it seems because people are emotionally harder to work with. Graziano also prefers action photos like barrel racing over regular horse shows, Barrel racing is more high speed and gets better turnout pictures. Although sometimes it’s hard to get good shots when the horses are running so fast. Regular horse shows are simple and more put together.

Mrs. Graziano does wildlife photography as well. She takes pictures of wild horses, burros, birds, and even bugs sometimes. Her dogs are her biggest test subjects for new picture ideas and she even photographed a dog show last October. She is always experimenting with new ideas and she also loves to dress up her animals for holiday pictures. She loves photography, she enjoys every bit even though the weather can sometimes be rough. There are days when sorting through pictures and putting them in albums can be a challenge but she pushes through. 

Running for 13 years and going strong, Theresa Graziano hopes to keep her business going for years to come. If you are interested in her services, look for her around town at horse shows.