A Geode-Metric Perspective: All About Pahrump’s Own Crystal Store

A conversation about crystals, healing, and a new perspective.


Today, many of us can be overrun by stress and pressure; anguish from life, and negative emotions. Many have certain ways of dealing with such energy, and one of them is very unique; uniquely shiny.

Crystals, which are minerals arranged molecularly in geometric patterns, have captivated the human mind for thousands of years. According to Forbes, the earliest record of humans possessing crystals for other than tool use was from 105,000 years ago. This reverence for crystals has extended throughout written history and up into the modern day. Now, with global shipping, crystals from all over the world have found their way to those who appreciate and study them.

One such person is Melissa Arnett, a former counselor here at PVHS who is now the owner of Sacred Moonbeam Crystals & More, a crystal store on Hwy-160 which carries a wide variety of crystals and other spiritual items. I sat down with Ms. Arnett to talk about her store and the products that she carries.

The use of crystals for healing, at least through energy, is inherently a spiritual practice, based on faith more than anything. So the use of crystals can often be associated with spirituality, though not always. While some may use crystals spiritually, others may use them psychologically. Arnett is more on the spiritual side, having gained a connection with crystals, “when I was thirteen years old and I got my first crystal and I fell in love with crystals. But of course, the journey through life took me, what, a social worker for thirty years. And then I can tell you eight years ago I was going to try and do this but my mom got sick, so I ended up taking time off and took care of her and kind of put things on hold, and then realized I really missed working with teenagers because I did that for so many years. So long story short, it’s kinda been on my plate most of my life.”

Crystals can attune themselves to our energy, and by extension, we can attune ourselves to theirs. Crystal’s unique structure can help us align our energy to create desired effects, such as a change in life or an improvement in emotions. But on the psychological side, crystals can serve as physical reminders of a commitment to a certain thought, like confidence or happiness, or peace of mind. Believing that a crystal can help, will make them help.

Spirituality is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of beliefs and practices. These beliefs shape people’s lives and act as guides, the same as any other spiritual or religious path. Many of these spiritual beliefs can regard ancestors and roots. To find guidance through the wisdom of those before us. Arnett drew on this when discovering a name for her store, and “Mr. Larssen has a piece in this, believe it or not. One day we were going to a meeting and people were talking and they mentioned this name and I’m like ‘Ohh’’ and I mentioned the name back and then everybody’s like ‘Oh you could be that name’ I think it was Sunny. And Mr. Larssen was standing next to me and he’s like ‘No you’re more like a Sacred Moonbeam.’ And I looked at him and I said ‘That totally speaks to my Native American roots.’ So that and then just the moon. I love the moon and the stars, the solar system. I’m a big energy person, you know that the moon has an effect on us throughout the month. So it just kind of cultivated over time, but yeah Mr. Larssen, the moonbeam piece, I definitely have to give him credit for that.”

Crystals as a subculture, which is the study of their use in healing, provide jobs to those who follow those beliefs. Just as with any other job, it’s a livelihood, while others may use crystals as a hobby. Arnett made a career change from a social worker to a store owner. She “…needed to do something else fun that I enjoyed and so I just went to the wholesalers. I got my license through the town, then I went to the wholesalers and I thought ‘Well I’m just gonna sell at the swapmeet.’ And then I had a loss, and it was a family member that was actually gonna move here from Tennessee, and they ended up passing when they were here to visit because they come every year to visit for a good month. After that, I realized I just need to do something different and it was time to just move on. I still wanted to help people but maybe in a different way, and have it be a little more personalized. So I started exploring becoming a crystal healer, so I took classes.”

Crystals are a form of therapy, self-help. Even if one doesn’t believe they do anything themselves, others’ belief in them can cause actual change. Someone wearing a crystal and believing that it works can provide the same effect as if it would actually work. So even if someone doesn’t believe crystals do anything, it is important to understand that others’ belief in them can help them, and it’s very important to respect that belief.

Sacred Moonbeam Crystal & More is located at 311 on South Frontage Road, Suite 103. They are open Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 to 5:30, and you can also reach the store at (775) 990-9009. So if you’re looking for a new way of healing, a new perspective, or just something pretty to collect, then it’s the place for you.