Trico Builders are Helping Build up the Population in Pahrump

Trico Builders is the place to call when needing a contractor


Brian Floyd is a man who put his life’s work into a contracting business that has brought him great stress and happiness for the job he loves. Sacrifice was the word used by Floyd that described his experience with starting his own business. He started with, “Taking the time to sacrifice what you love for something else you love can be a struggle but learning to love someone or something from a distance is an even bigger struggle.” After making his statement he explained that he had to let quite a bit go for him to have his own business and although he wouldn’t change a thing there have been certain moments in his life he misses.

Brian also explains that starting up your own business is most likely going to be the same experience as everyone else. “The only time it will change is if you have help and a head start on supplies will make your steps shorter,” Floyd stated The first years of his business were “stressful, worrisome, exciting, and rewarding”. Brian had his struggles like everyone else but he had some help from his other family business (Performance Concrete) to keep it going. They now work together, Trico contracts the land or plot, and Performance Concrete lays down the pad.

Trico recently contracted this additional room for a house, then had Performance Concrete lay down the pad for the addition. Trico then hires another company to do the exterior wall as well as the windows. This was all set up by Floyd; he gets on his computer and starts to design what the owner wants. Brian then makes a contract in which the owner has to meet the expectation to be able to work on this project.

Floyd’s most successful year was last year. He had tons of family members that went to work for him and his best workers were his grandkids. Floyd’s business (Trico) employs hard workers. “With all these California people coming into our town, it has been making me busy to contract all these properties’ ‘ Floyd states, people that have been coming from California are dealing with huge inflation and Pahrump isn’t as much inflated.

Plans for the future of Trico are “Keeping the business on a sound financial footing as well as expanding the company’s clientele base.” Floyd plans on keeping this business alive for a long time but at no point in the future is his business. I questioned Floyd, since you have family members in the construction business, will Trico stay in the family? “That remains to be seen.” Floyd doesn’t know what the future holds but he wants it to stay in the family.

I then asked, What do you do during work hours, and some other questions about what he’s doing during work hours. “I meet with clients, prepare proposals, schedule and oversee work in progress, close out projects, and oversee general office work. I generally work a 10 to 12-hour day. Being a business owner overtime is included as far as I know.” “What are some improvements that need to be made?”He states: “I’m always looking for opportunities for improvement. When I see them I try to implement them as soon as possible.”

Trico: (775) 209-3820