The Way Ice Cream Should Be Served

Pahrump’s number one ice cream spot in town, known as the “World’s Tallest Ice Cream Stand”, Seemoore’s Ice Cream is the perfect spot for locals and tourists on a hot, sunny day.


Pahrump is a small town with an even smaller amount of stores and activities to do than Las Vegas. However, it is still a gem on a hot summer day. Locals and tourists come to this spot to cool off and get a few frozen treats. Seemoores is one of the best spots you’ll find in town.

Seemoore’s Ice Cream is open seven days a week, serving ice cream from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM Sunday through Thursday, and 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM Friday and Saturday. Seemoores is a perfect spot for great sundays, floats, smoothies, shakes, cones, banana splits, ice cream bowls, yogurt, polar freezes, soda, water, and even hot dogs. It’s an even greater stop for a photo opp! With amazing service and unlimited, unique, and frequently changing flavors of frozen treats, this is a perfect spot for everyone in Pahrump. This small business has something that anyone and everyone can enjoy at fair prices and a variety of sizes. The staff is extremely friendly with a location that has plenty of seating and parking outside for everyone.

This family business is extremely dedicated to the town and its visitors. Ran by the Simpsons, owner Candace Simpson explains, “The main purpose of Seemoores, other than providing for my family, is giving back to the community. We can hire kids that are still in high school and can give them a head start in life by having a job and learning responsibilities while working at Seemoore’s. High schoolers can gain valuable life skills that they can use in the future to be successful.” Simpson shared that “We enjoy giving out free cone cards for different programs and events. We even give out raffle donations for organizations and fundraisers, and sponsor in-town events.” When asked “What made you choose a company in this industry,” Simpson responds, “ I didn’t really choose this industry, it chose me.”

Although, running a small business has its ups and downs at times. When asked, “What is the most challenging part of running a business?” Simpson responds, “Employees. Finding them, keeping them, scheduling them, training them, working with them, and helping them grow not only as an employee but as a high school student.”

Seemoore’s is great for everyone who loves a sweet treat, with a wide ice cream selection for every age, it is easily recommended by many who grew up and lived in Pahrump. Some would even say Seemoore’s great ice cream and menu out-beats the high prices of Dairy Queen. Seemoores is the perfect spot to refresh the body after a day of being in Death Valley, the hottest place on earth.

Seemoore’s is truly a gem in the Pahrump rural community! Everyone is welcome. Stop by and check this hot spot out. Promise you won’t regret it! Seemoores is located on the corner of Blagg and Highway 372 and is not hard to miss since it is the tallest ice cream in town!