Taking over a business, paving a way for the future

Performance Concrete is a devoted business whose number one priority will always be the customers needs and making sure the job is excellent.


Performance Concrete is a business started by Raymond Boucher in 2013. It was his second concrete company but after a few years, his two sons took the company over. Kyle Boucher is the current owner of the company and has been for five years now. The co-owner is his younger brother Kamryn Boucher. Kyle is 36 years old and his interests outside of work are to go golfing, fishing, hunting and he enjoys cooking as well as spending time with his family and friends.

His past experiences that helped lead him to take over a business were working with his dad in the concrete industry since he was 16. His dad was his inspiration to continue his work path in his chosen field. His father teaching him work ethic at a young age played a vast factor in being a passionate business owner. To Kyle, the challenges that come with running a business are that he struggles with not having great people skills, plus his patience levels can get low at times, which can get in the way of a good work day. Kyle explains how it is frustrating when people expect a cheap price for good work done. When Boucher was 25 he left the concrete industry for four and a half years and went to Cheyanne, Wyoming to work in the Oil field. This was a setback because after he came back he had to get back into switching routines after years of working a different occupation, which took some time to get used to.

The first three years of being a part of Performance Concrete were slow, Kyle explained “It was difficult at first but we slowly got a few different contracts that kept us busy.” His strengths are that he works as one of the employees, he thinks it is key to be out on the job site with his employees working hard every day with them. This shows drive and motivation to make sure every job they do matches the customers’ expectations. Being open to learning how to better your weaknesses is ethical. Kyle struggled with having low tolerance but he has worked on not being so hard on his workers. Instead of getting frustrated, he teaches them to learn from their mistakes. Having a supportive community and customer base is crucial to having a successful business. It is also critical to be easy to work with, to do an impressive job, and be on time. If having people take you and your business seriously, showing that it is a priority to you is important.

Kyle loves when the job goes smoothly and the concrete gets finished perfectly. He has a great fondness when he and his workers get along and can have a good time when working. He says it is good that he learned to have a mindset that “every day is different from the other” meaning that one bad work day doesn’t mean the rest of the week needs to be bad, all he and his workers can do is learn and strive to do better. He hopes that eventually his company will expand to a degree, but to keep it in town. He says Las Vegas has too much competition. More employees on hand and more equipment and tools would be enough for him to meet all his company’s needs. All of his main desires are to run a successful business company with his little brother and make his father proud of their work.

For any work that needs to be done reach out to Performance Concrete, their number is (775) 727-2556 and their office address is 1371 E Elderberry St.