A New Tax Preparer in Pahrump

Here in Pahrump, Berenice Acosta-Walker is a small business owner you should know.


Even though tax time is over, it doesn’t mean they are any less important. Taxes are the main source of income for most governments. We use taxes to fund police, highways, and other necessities. Not only does it benefit the government, but it also benefits the citizens living under that government. Berenice Acosta-Walker is a tax preparer and owner of Walker Business Services located in Pahrump, Nevada. Not only is she a tax preparer in Nevada but also in the state of California, as well as a realtor. I had a chance to speak with Ms. Walker about her profession recently and she expressed that she is doing this business because she has always had a love for “crunching numbers” and that tax preparation is all about numbers. Walker states that she started her business in 2016 after she graduated from CSUB (California State University Bakersfield) with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She clarified that she was tired of working in the corporate world. She then decided to open up her own tax preparation office and here we are 7 years later.

Ms. Acosta-Walker’s goal was to increase in staff after the first few years and double her clients each year. She enjoys helping her clients with their tax returns and ensuring they leave her business content with her services. Acosta-Walker would like to believe that people think of her as a “reputable place of business” and that she can always help them. From what I could tell from my interview with Ms. Acosta-Walker, I could tell that she is very compassionate about her clients and those around her and would do anything she could to help them. She indicated that if she were a customer, “I would rate my business a 9 out of 10 because I believe we always have room for improvement no matter how many years that business has been open.” She has plenty of faith that not only she can help her clients in California, but in Pahrump as well. In the beginning, she wasn’t the only one who was inspired to start the business.

She had explained to me that her husband at the time, Richard Walker, and her father had originally inspired her to help the community with low-cost tax preparation. Her father had always instilled an entrepreneurial mentality ever since she could remember. She says that the only real threat she faces every year is computer hackers. Acosta-Walker takes her client’s privacy very seriously and has installed many security tools in place to guarantee that all of their information is safe and secure. She had expressed that she doesn’t have many challenges in this business since she has repeated clients. Ms. Acosta-Walker genuinely cares for her clients and enjoys working with them and has no complaints.

Berenice Acosta-Walker is almost always available for business. If you have any questions or to get more information or to get in contact with Walker Business Services, please contact [email protected].