The Final 40 Days

Skyler Dunn and Mary Vithoulkas

With forty days left in the 2020 President Election, there is a mad dash to the finish. On the 24th of September, a Trump peaceful protest was held at the Pahrump Valley Winery with Eric Trump making a guest appearance. I planned on heading there, but unfortunately, I couldn’t manage to get a ride for me to get there, and I had only an hour left until the doors were open. I started to huff myself on my board for about half an hour that evening, making it to the Winery, thanks to a familiar face in my Journalism class.

When I got there, I was properly introduced to this new environment, but I took notice on how a lot of people were not wearing a mask. Confused, I insisted on wearing mine still, for safety reasons. I began walking around the protest, chairs lined up with names of people coming, and cameras were aimed on the podium. I was looking for someone in particular, but I stumbled on a well known face in Nevada.
The Clark County running Commissioner, Michael Thomas, was invited, and he was impressed by how many people were there at the peaceful protest. By the time I was done talking, he asked for a link to our High school newspaper website (Definitely should check it out!) before I left to continue to take pictures.

By the time it was ready, there were several speakers, along with a prayer. One of whom, Jim Marchant, running for Congress, stood by Eric Trump as he told the people about how Donald Trump will fix the economy once again.

Right as soon as Jim Marchant left the podium, Eric was up next, with a powerful start. He allowed Sharon Wehrly, the Sheriff of Pahrump, to have herself a speech on the microphone, and shook Eric’s hand. I did talk to Wehrly, where she told me a fun fact about JFK once came to the county once.

Eric Trump, now finally on the microphone, did what opponent’s do against one another, and talked smack about the other. Eric went after Joe Biden’s “stuck in his basement for ten days”, and how he has been living with the government funds, and finally “The only job Biden created was Hunter Biden” (Biden’s Son).

With hearing Eric Trump giving us every single sin Biden could ever have done, I took them into consideration, but not completely believed in them. What I want to hear or see, is change. Not someone who has been more than 10 years into politics’s Joe Biden going after Donald Trump who helped Kevin on where is the lobby (Home Alone 2 1992), or when he told Waldo (“The Little Rascals” 1994)“He is the best money can buy.”

Though, after the time it ended, in my 18 years of being in this town, I was still shocked to see some kind of political event planned and organized by a party. In the final days, almost a month from now, you can’t argue that this is going to be a very interesting election. To answer anything about where I stand, I stand on what keeps the world better. We only got some good time on it, and with the pandemic happening, even if you want to believe it’s created by “Social Communist” or not, we cannot ignore the tragedy that is happening. California is on fire again, and yet we continue to argue who is going home with a crown on their head! Even after on the day of whoever gets to be president, with all the confetti poppers give all of its remains left in them, who’s really going to clean it?

Overall, Eric Trump has given promises from Trump to the people of Pahrump to help with the police and more, and all I and some can do is believe with what Trump says, or what Biden will promise, only to see if they will come out to fulfill their promises.