• March 6Dow sinks another 800 points
  • March 6A man filmed licking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream will spend 30 days in jail
  • March 6Facebook is removing Trump campaign ads

Mary Vithoulkas

Mary is new to journalism but has always had a love for reading ever since she was little, she

also enjoys music and video games.


Mary used to play competitive sports (swimming, gymnastics, and ballet) when she was

younger but as the years have gone by she lost interest in them and found new hobbies she

enjoys. Even though her love for sports has died down in the last few years she has learned to

love her other interests just as much.


Mary has been reading ever since she can remember and continues to read as much as she can

with her busy schedule. She loves fiction books but has a special place for non-fiction, whether

it’s a book or article. She does a lot of research on current world events, so she enjoys writing

about informative and factual articles.


Mary recently moved to Pahrump from Sacramento, California with her family. Her family’s

intention when moving to Pahrump was to live a small town life. She hasn’t quite settled into

that lifestyle yet. Her goal is to move out when she graduates to attend Portland University so

she can go back to the small city life she’s used to.


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The Final 40 Days

October 4, 2020
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Mary Vithoulkas