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Raymundo Gunner Cortez IV (Gunner), is a Sophomore athlete, student, and coach, who loves to hear people's stories. He is not a huge fan of reading, but he loves stories. He's said to be a great listener when he wants to be (but not always). He enjoys hearing other people’s backstories and in his words, “you never know what someone is going through, so you should be nice to everyone”. He has been competing in athletics such as football and wrestling for close to a decade (9 ½ yrs). In wrestling he  has been on some of the highest stages you can be on at the young age of 14 and competed in over 30 states in the country. He trains in las vegas for L.O.G. (Legends of Gold). Gunner and his father coach the youth wrestling team in Pahrump, Nevada. He also has been following sports such as professional and college football and basketball since he was 7 not only that but MMA organizations such as the UFC, Bellator and one championship. His knowledge for sports such as football, wrestling and boxing gives him the ability to teach or get casual people to understand what is happening. But, Gunner does not just like sports he enjoys learning about the stock market and ways to make money. He also enjoys learning about criminals’ lives, such as people in the mob, cartel, gangs and the highs and lows of their lives and what leads them to those lives, which goes back to the fact he loves learning peoples’ backstories. He likes the stories of Jordan Belfort, George Jung, Tookie Williams and Anthony Spilotro.

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Gunner Cortez