Breaking the Stereotype

Jordyn Larsen, Journalist

  In a sea of femininity, one man stands alone. PVHS senior Chris Geer is the star of the show when it comes to the high school Dance Team. While many believe dance should be left to the girls, Chris proves otherwise.

  Evidently it is a common thing for boys to be encouraged to dance, but what is it that actually makes them do it? “The first time I’ve ever seen break dancing was in the movie Beatstreet,” Chris says. “My dad introduced me to the movie and he taught me.”

  Despite the obvious gender differences and it’s 13 year female streak, the Pahrump Valley Dance Team is a family. They work together to encourage everyone to dance if that is their true passion. As Geer says, “I try to be my best hoping [other] boys will join.”

  Boys add a brand new element to an all girls dance team. For one, females lack physical strength in certain parts of their body and also, to state the obvious, it heats up the chemistry in the dance routine. “Guys typically have different styles and it helps [us] become more rounded and open minded,” says junior dancer Shelby Ledford.

  It is true that females possess different qualities in dance than a male, but one does not dominate the other. Males generally have stronger arms while females are strengthened in their legs; because of this, girls are generally seen as natural dancers. Meanwhile, boys only enjoy other “manly” activities like basketball and wrestling.

  In fact, having a guy on an all-girls dance team is a huge advantage. Chris being the first boy ever on the PVHS Team has has much to offer his feminine companions. “Since he is the first boy ever to be on the team,” says Ledford ,” he contributes new elements and styles, plus he’s a great friend.”

  Evidently there are teams all over the country that consist solely of men (e.g. all male “grand champions” Louisville High School from Kentucky) that have won several National Awards for their impeccable skill and precision in dance. Not to mention the famous Hip-Hop legends the  Jabbawokeez have starred countless times on hit dancing TV shows. Even less famous male dancers, but just as gifted, such as Mark Ballas and Sasha Farber, have become successful in their abilities as performers.

  As uncommon as it is to come across a male dancer who is as passionate as Chris Geer, it is rather attractive to young women when they find a talented masculine dance partner. A guy that can move is a guy with self confidence and the ability to enjoy himself. Not only does that capture a girl’s attention, but it forms a tight connection when two people are spending time together.

  Realistically, the reactions to a skilled male dancer is always bright and enthusiastic simply because he can do something that a lot of others cannot. For one, Chris’s break dancing skills jazzes up every school dance and adds a new spark of life to the party. And of course, the competition is on when people go head to head when the music begins.