PVHS debate?


Robin Benbo, Journalist

PVHS has many clubs and teams, everything from our storied football team to the new The Cactus Club, yet with all these teams and clubs, the school lacks a very beneficial and fun activity. Debate. Debate team can benefit many students, giving them a chance to talk about the common disagreements we have in day-to-day life.

   Pretty much anything can be turned into a debate, things like Coke vs. Pepsi, iPhone vs. Android and, of course, the classic Ford vs. Chevy debate.

   Debate helps kids gain valuable communication and critical thinking skills as well as teaching students how to have a balanced discussion and prove their points calmly and logically.

  In September 1960, the first general-election debate and the first one to be on the television was between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy which changed the world of debate and television forever.

  Debate became a part of how voters pick the President of the United States, using what the candidates say to inform their decisions if that person should be able to run our country.  Debate is something we need in our school because it is part of our heritage dissenting against England and George III in the 1700’s.

 America, our great nation is a republic and, debate really helps our political system.  As Jesse Jackson, a Civil Rights activist, once said, “Deliberation and debate is the way you stir the soul of our democracy.”  Also, most court cases are considered debates because they present two sides of the argument.

 One form of debate is congressional debate, where there is a proposed bill and the debaters (“Congress”) decide whether to pass the bill or not. This is beneficial to students because it helps with communication skills and teamwork, as well as balanced claims and ethical arguments.

 Some of our PVHS seniors are 18 years old and will be able to vote soon, and some of them have no idea how to have a formal argument with another person.

  Communication skills are something that all people need. Having a debate team could alleviate fights and anger between people that we have here at our school, in our community, and all over the world.

  The real world sucks; it’s just reality. Life’s not always great, but we can work together to make this nation better, one that our children would be happy growing up in, one that we will be proud to leave to future generations, with fewer fights and depression and hate.  One of us could become a lawyer or a politician. We’re all going to vote someday and pick the person who runs this country. We can prevent this country from going up in smoke.

     Having a debate team here at Pahrump Valley High will benefit both the teachers and the students as well as maybe getting some kids excited to learn and participate in school activities, develop valuable communication skills, and make Pahrump a more pleasant place to live.