Fact or Fiction?

I’ve come to see conspiracy theories as the refuge of those who have lost their natural courtesy and ability to cope with change- Kathleen Norris (a best-selling poet and essayist)



This is a stargate, something that takes you to other galaxies.

Alyssa Greenway, Journalist

   Generally people know at least one conspiracy theory. We’ve all experienced at least one “apocalyptic” prophecy.   Most people remember the epidemic of 2000 computer “take over”; although maybe not teens born after, or even born a year before. There is the 2012 “end of the world” prophecy from the Mayans that scared most of the population.

  Many may think that conspiracy theories are ridiculous, unrealistic and dumb. Well they aren’t completely wrong. Many theories that have came out are just beyond this world unbelievable, and the fact that people actually believe some of these just show how sad our society has become.

  There’s the “Reptilians,” one of the very many species of aliens apparently disguised as world leaders and famous stars planning on taking over the world. Just like the government is putting chemicals into the water to turn people gay, as if that could even be a thing.

  One of my personal favorites is that Saddam Hussein has a Stargate, and for those who are to young to know what this 1997 show reference, it’s a wormhole that transports people too other galaxies.

  Oh, can’t forget that the moon doesn’t exist because it’s simply a “hologram” and Hillary Clinton running a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor. Funny right? Our society seems to be easily convince, which doesn’t take much.

  We as a nation and as people are quick to believe anything that’s on the internet or even what people tell us.

  Now that we went over some ridiculous theories that people seem to believe, let’s get serious! Up and coming conspiracies that are filling the air included yet more “death of us all.”

  According to a Christian conspiracy theorists have analyzed a recent study from Germany which said that a viral attack could kill close to one billion people. They believe that the beginning of the end of the world started on September 23 last year and the apocalypse will be completed on the same date in 2025.

  This virus apparently will produces fever, cough and confusion in the infected. It will later mutated and cause encephalitis (swelling in the brain) and leave people in a fatal coma; however, this seems very unbelievable being the only virus outbreak is the adenovirus and it has none of these affects.

  Now is there a possibility that this could even happen at all? Maybe, many are convinced as it is that our government is “evil” and all they do is kill us for population control, lie, and apparently turn people gay.

  For centuries people thought that the u.s. released disease and virus in the air to win the wars, to kill off people. Whether that is true, we may never find the answer to that; although, our government is pretty fishy.  

  It just seems as time goes on these theories get more and more outlandish, you can’t believe anything you see, read, or hear so do your own research before you look foolish. But like it says, it’s conspiracy theory which is a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event, or you know an escape from reality, to stir people up, or simply just for attention.