A ‘Rich’ history about Mr.Lauver


Jeremiah Joseph Oloff

Mr.Lauver, teaching his students about events that happened in Afirca.

Jeremiah Oloff, Journalist

  Mr. Richard Lauver is the new Social Studies teacher at PVHS. He moved here in 1979 and has been here since he was 4 years old. Lauver has taught for many years at 3 schools in Pahrump: Community Christian Academy, RCMS, and PVHS. 

 Lauver has taught for 13 years and before teaching he did real estate, which is to lease or sell houses. While he was in real estate, he was self employed which takes a lot of effort.

   People have a job that they dream of doing in their life, and Lauver is doing his, which is teaching and helping the young. He enjoys seeing people grow and learn throughout their life. He has a daughter, Skyler that attends PVHS as a senior this year. He plans on staying here six years and he will go from there. 

   Lauver said, “I believe there is this fine balance between learning from the successes and failures of past societies and focus on the future, and I enjoy attempting to meld students into people who appreciate the past but who are excited about the world they will create.” He enjoys helping students try to focus on making themselves and the world better by learning from successes and failures.

  When Lauver was a student, he attended Cal State, San Bernandino, Cerro Coso Community College, and UNLV where he studied business, economics, education, and social sciences. 

  He played basketball at Cerro Coso. Lauver has also coached softball and basketball for the past 20 years to help the younger generation. 

 Last season, the PVHS softball team, coached by Lauver, won the state title! He is excited to see the 2020 team defend their 2019 State Title this Spring. 

Mr. Lauver, social studies teacher, instructing the class on their assignment.