Aliens: Conspiracy Theory

Trinity Mell, Journalist

Most of you know what aliens are, but if you don’t they are these beings that come from outer space and super weird looking. They are mostly depicted as scary creatures that want to harm you. There is a lot of controversy around aliens as many still believe that they don’t exist.
It wasn’t confirmed that they might be real until recently when multiple videos and pictures came out to the public. Also the public got pictures and videos of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects.) Everyone is still wondering if they were hallucinating or if they actually saw what they think they saw.
Let’s get to digging about this subject. There has always been some sort of curiosity or infatuation with aliens and their existence, especially the government knowing about it. Multiple accusations were thrown at the government saying they knew about it for years yet they refuse to speak on it. If you have Google Podcasts you can find the information I’m about to tell you on Ashley Flowers “Supernatural” podcast, ep 1. She goes on to say that there was this family called the Shermans, who moved onto a ranch in Utah, experienced many strange and unexplainable events. The events they experienced led them to later rename their ranch to Skinwalker Ranch, The Shermans experienced objects moving and reappearing in strange places, lights shaped like ovals in the sky and their cows/cattle disappearing.
Flowers also describes what goes on in the city of Bonnybridge in Scotland. There are almost 300 alien sightings a year in Bonnybridge. That’s a lot of reports to believe that aliens aren’t real. The report we’re focusing on now is The Robert Taylor Incident. You can find all this information on Ashley Flowers podcast, “The Travis Walton Abduction.” Supernatural podcast ep. 8. Travis Walton and his work mates were on their way home in their truck, they spotted a light in the distance. They realized it was a UFO, quietly he gets out of the truck and starts walking towards the UFO. They yell for him to come back but Travis keeps going, once some sense finally gets knocked into he tries to make a run back to the truck. A blue ray shoots out of the UFO at Travis and electrocutes him. His crewmates speed off scared for their life. The crew reports this to the police and has to take a lie detector test they all pass except for one, Allan Dallas, who walked out for uncertain reasons. Just after midnight Travis’ sister gets a phone call, it’s Travis asking for a ride. Travis looks unclean, unkept, and skinny and said he remembers seeing grey skinned and big eyed creatures. Travis and his family kept his arrival secret until finally getting him examined and out of Bonnybridge. He gets interrogated and decides he wants to take a lie detector test and the sheriff agrees. A physiatrists decides to hypnotize Travis to get him to remember his experience. Through hypnosis, Travis remembers trying to fight off the creatures but he’s hazy and dizzy, he assumes he’s been drugged. He wanders into a room with a singular chair then a human man comes into the room but something seems off. The “man” takes Travis into a room with three other human looking beings. They all look the same except one is a female. After promising Travis privacy for his lie detector test but reporters knew about it somehow so everyone makes a deal, if Travis passes they will report about the test if he doesn’t no one will hear about it. The test shows that Travis is lying, though stress can make  it look like someone is lying. A few months later Travis, his brother, and mother take the lie detector test and all pass. Detectives and experts start saying everything was a hoax just to get Travis’ business of debt. Travis wrote a book and and it got made into a movie, which brought attention to his story again. His crew mates took tests again and passed.
There have been multiple rumors about the government paying these detectives to poke holes through people’s stories and make people believe what they experienced wasn’t true. There have also been multiple rumors of the opposite and that the government feeds the public alien stories to keep them distracted so they won’t pay attention to nuclear testing and other things the government doesn’t want the public to know. I personally think that Aliens are real and the government tries to cover it up even though they are not doing it very well. There is too much evidence pointing to their existence, people have detailed abductions and get worked up if they are not believed. I think aliens are real.