TD Equine: Horses & More!

TD Equine: the business to go to for your horse training and photography needs!


TD Equine, a small business owned and operated by Taylor Yanke, has three wonderful parts to it: horse training, photography, and e-commerce. She created these businesses five years ago and has been running it off and on over the years (currently in the “on” stage now). 

TD Equine focuses on getting horses to a place in their training their owners want them to be. Sometimes an owner just can’t get their horse to do what they want them to do, so Taylor can step in and get the job done. As Taylor stated, “There’s nothing I can’t get a healthy horse to learn to do”. With respect to her photography services, well, Taylor produces some of the most amazing photos that will blow your mind. 

Taylor Yanke has trained under two trainers then self taught on the business side. When asked how much effort  is put into her business,  she responded “150%, but I did have to close down for a couple of years. Not all first businesses are successful, and sometimes you need to regroup and learn more and then run at it head on again!” 

So much has been put into her business and it shows, when asked how much, she responded with, “I couldn’t measure the exact time. The business is always on the mind, there is always more room  to learn and grow. I will spend roughly an hour per horse, then comes the barn chores and facility updates. Beyond that is the website and social media, I never end.”  

When the question about wanting to own a business when she was younger came about, she answered with, “Absolutely. I knew very early on I was going to own my own business and saw big things for myself. Still do all these years later. It all takes consistency and dedication.” 

Tylor’s favorite part about owning a business is, “ I love the challenges being my own boss provides and the learning experience.” Along with the most difficult challenge, “As with most things in life, consistency. Staying on top of everything every day. Then the taxes!” When asked about how she enjoys working with her customers, she stated that the customers are one of her favorite parts of owning a business and if they are ever unsatisfied with her service, she stated “In the end, the clients/customers are the boss. You speak with them, and try to come up with a mutual agreement and apology, and usually offer a deal.”

Taylor Yanke has had big dreams since childhood when she planned to own her own business and has seen big things for herself and still does all these years later. She explained “Success takes time, consistency, and dedication. There will be highs and lows, but in the end, just keep swimming.” 

If you would like more information from Taylor about her equine and/or photography services, email her directly at [email protected].