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Gwen Blodgett

Gwen is passionate about any form of art like films, books, poems, drawings, painting, and 



She loves a wide variety of everything and loves to write about it and to hear other

people's opinions on things she likes as well. Her dad makes movies and her mom loves books

which really influenced her with the things she likes today. Her music taste is very open

because she had so many people in her life influence her.


Gwen is a freshman and has never been in a journalism class before. She loves to write poems

and short stories. She is good at drawing a picture with words and is very good at describing things. She is

good at giving information without voicing her own opinion in something that is supposed to

be only the truth.


Gwen grew up watching tons of movies and knowing what a good plot of a movie needs

because her dad loved to write and film movies himself. She loves to read different books, she

was influenced by both her mom and dad to read.

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October 4, 2020
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Gwen Blodgett