The Most Handy Service in Pahrump!

Handymen use many tools to solve the various needs that may arise in the common household.


Handymen are exactly what their name entails, handy. This is especially necessary out here in Pahrump, where there are not many establishments dedicated to the needs that may or may not arise in your home. Services like plumbing, moving, and painting are a few examples. They are especially common and can be easily handled by a good handyman service. A handyman service like “Howard’s Handyman Services” is exactly who can tend to anyone’s home service needs.

Owned by Sidney Howard, “Howard’s Handyman Services” is a handyman service that has been running for over 16 years. According to Mr. Howard, he created the business because of his coworkers in the past. “I retired from construction work and I saw how easy it was for them to do jobs so I picked up on what they did,” said Mr. Howard.

And yes, he loves his business. He even enjoys it. According to Mr. Howard, he loves his business because “it helps pay the bills, and I get to meet new friends.” Not to mention, he believes doesn’t face enough difficulties to call it challenging. Mr. Howard states “it’s not hard. When you have the right tools to do the right job it makes it easier but when you don’t have the right tools it makes it harder so it’s pretty easy because I have the correct tools.”

Because Mr. Howard believes it’s easy, he plans to continue the business for many years to come. The reason Mr. Howard continues the business is because he enjoys it, and it’s what he likes. According to Mr. Howard, “it’s what I like, I like doing handyman work, I like pleasing the customers, making the customers happy. I like seeing what I’ve accomplished, and being able to look back at it.”

Most, if not all businesses have some type of competition, especially a business such as a handyman service. However, Mr. Howard states that the competition in Pahrump isn’t that strong. He keeps his edge above the competition by always making sure they do quality work; work well enough that the customer will call back instead of another company. “When you work you always do an accomplished job. Your work is like your calling card, if you don’t do a good job, you don’t expect the customer to call you back but if you do a good job, the customer will call you back time and time again,” stated Mr. Howard.

Mr. Howard’s business does a variety of jobs. Of course, they need to do so as a handyman service but it’s surprising when you think about it. They have many different tools and have to use all of them proficiently to achieve good quality work. Their tools are simple and can commonly be found in many households, yet they still do quality work despite this. According to Mr. Howard, some of the tools they use include, “impact, plumbing tools, painting tools like paint brushes, gardening tools like rakes, weedeaters, and things like that.”

Every city needs a handyman service, especially one that is well-equipped and can do good work. However, even big corporations, much less a handyman service, aren’t perfect. In spite of this, Mr. Howard believes that his business only needs one change, and that is improving. He believes they should keep improving and doing good work. “Nothing, just doing more quality work, doing a good job each and every time, and always striving to do better than you did before,” stated Mr. Howard.

Overall, Mr. Howard runs a very good business. It goes across all of Pahrump and it’s a job that you may easily find yourself enjoying. So, if you ever need your garden trimmed, your floors tiled, something painted, weeds picked, or even an awning made, call Mr. Howard with the number on the right and he’ll make sure it’s done and done well. It’s a call you can afford to make.