2018-2019 Staff

Spencer Abrams


I’ve been writing for the Trojan Tribune for three years. I signed up for the class thinking it would be an English credit like Journalism classes usually are. It wasn’t. I’ve written a variety of stories for the Trojan Tribu...

Darcy Biermeyer

Head Editor

I really, really love writing, mostly because I love arguing. Dogs are pretty great too - especially Great Danes. In fact, I have one (Bones, aka the love of my life). I am the first (and best) part of the Holy Trinity....

Alyssa Greenway


My name is Alyssa Greenway and I have been writing for the school newspaper for about three-years. I typically like writing about the News and Featured stories such as, prophecies, conspiracy theories, politics and space related arti...

Sabrina Jaynes


I am hoping to pursue journalism as a major at UNR, but am currently making my way through high school.

Emanuel Ribeiro


This is my second year in journalism. I'm the assistant editor for our chief editor. I love exploring the thoughts in my brain and writing them down, creating stories and arguments that help express how I feel. I joined Chess...

Emily Roberts


Hello, I am an aspiring journalism student and I have a passion for music in all aspects. I am a member of student council and a leader in science club. I am also the third (and smartest) part of the Holy Trinity. ...

Helpful Helen


PVHS's newspaper columnist Helpful Helen is here to help everyone who needs advise. Email her at [email protected] with any questions or problems.

Robin Benbo


I work for PVHS News. This is my first year in Journalism. I like to hangout with my friends and play games. I like Batman movies and Guardians of The Galaxy.

Thalia Blodgett


Hello, my name is Thalia Blodgett. I am a Freshman at Pahrump Valley High school. Some of the things I like to do are listen to music, cheerleading, traveling, and I really enjoy shopping. That is just a little bit about myse...

Aliya Bolton


My name is Aliya Bolton and I was born and raised in Nevada. I love to dance and support my school a lot. I am very passionate about my work and will continue to work hard in everything I do.  

Emma Burgoin


 Hi my name is Emma Burgoin I am in a journalist for Trojan Tribune . I am in key club. I want to go to Harvard to be a lawyer....

Janneth Castillo


Hi my name is Janneth Castillo and I’m a journalist for the Trojan Tribune. I love to play soccer, hang out with friends, and watch T.V.

Teresa Castro


I love the beach, shopping, partying and being with friends. I am going to become a hygienist after high school.

Emma Crow


I often refer to myself as being “shy”, therefor I usually don’t speak unless spoken to. My main interests lie in the arts of drawing and Youtube. My favorite Bible verse is Psalms 73:26, “my flesh and my heart may...

Natalie Waugh-Magana


 Natalie’s the name, and being new every other year is my game. I have a ton of interests , i’m a jack of all trades. Besides playing sports , watching sports , traveling , and eating everything in sight , I love to express my...

Christopher Walton


Hi my name is Christopher Walton. My hobbies include rebuilding motors/engines, listening to music, and playing video games. My free time is used up by mixed martial arts. I am part of the Trojan Tribune...

Bryana Supe


Bryana Supe is my birth name.I like quesadillas.

Mary Smith


Hello, my name is Mary Smith and this is my first year in journalism. I am the treasurer in Key Club and enjoy volunteering with Girl Scouts. I enjoy writing, reading, volunteering, camping, riding horses and being outdoors. ...

Alexis Sandoval


Hello my name is Alexis Sandoval I am a freshman this year at Pahrump Valley High School. I enjoy playing soccer for PVHS. I also enjoy listening to music, hunting, traveling, and more I am hoping to become a marine biologist wh...

Jonathan Rios


I am Jonathan Rios, a freshman at Pahrump Valley High. I love football so much I play on the Junior Varsity football team. I would like to be a computer technician when I grow up. Science and technology are my jam, and I love rippin...

Kaili Perry


I am Kaili Perry-people call me Katy Perry- I also love to read, draw, and help people. But, most importantly I love to sing (Laughing Face). I can sing anything like Whitney Houston- I Will Always Love You, Linkin Park, Nickleba...

Uriel Howard


Hello, I’m Uriel Howard, and I’m a young freshman who loves telling corny jokes. Born in Sin city, moved to Pahrump with a goal to fulfill; to be a leader not a follower.

Eugene Harris


Eugene Harris 15 year old teen from California Dancer,short film maker and artist Youngest sibling and libra French and brazilian !!...

Stephanie Esparza


Hello. My name is Stephanie Frias. I’m a High School Freshman. I play for the varsity soccer team of my High School.

Veronica Dela Rosa


I’m the team leader of/manager of tennis team. I have a twin sister named Mikayla Dela Rosa. My favorite animal is a tiger, and my favorite color is red. I enjoy going to school and learning new things. I also enjoy making new...

Lilly Perrymont


My name is Lilly Carle I am 15 years old. I was born in Las Vegas, I’ve lived in Pahrump my whole life. I love to write, my favorite class is Journalism. I play sports and piano.

Jordyn Larsen


As a former band member, I am extremely passionate about music and I love to dance. Currently, I am on the PVHS Dance Team and I play the clarinet, oboe and a little bit of percussion. I also love writing and drawing, because it...

Kenya Vanderbeek


I love playing soccer and basketball. I enjoy Interact Club and have six siblings. I want to be nurse in the future.

Ayah Khatib


I enjoy expressing my opinions and debating with others. I heavily believe that everyone deserves a voice. I like to read and I love working with animals.

Mr. Larssen


Proud UNLV graduate Mr. Larssen is the sanguine stoic to the Journalism body. As it's advisor of four years, Larssen has been both the spearhead and the thrust behind some of the biggest changes in Journalism at the high school....

Josh Sparkman


My name is Josh Sparkman and i’m in Mr. Larssen’s journalism class. My birthday is October 21st and im 16. I was born in Las Vegas and i grew up in Pahrump. I work at Albertsons and I like to play video games....