2017-2018 Staff

Emma Deroque


I often refer to myself as being “shy”, therefor I usually don’t speak unless spoken to. My main interests lie in the arts of drawing and Youtube. My favorite Bible verse is Psalms 73:26, “my flesh and my heart may...

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Saul Bautista


I have lived in Pahrump my entire life which has pros and cons; regardless, the town still has some great people. I plan to attend UNLV in the future and major in Dermatology. I enjoy composing articles that will entertain and...

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Darcy Biermeyer


I really, really love writing, mostly because I love arguing. Dogs are pretty great too - especially Great Danes. In fact, I have one (Bones, aka the love of my life). I am the first (and best) part of the Holy Trinity....

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Emanuel Ribeiro

Assistant Editor

This is my second year in journalism. I'm the assistant editor for our chief editor. I love exploring the thoughts in my brain and writing them down, creating stories and arguments that help express how I feel. I joined Chess...

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Helpful Helen


PVHS's newspaper columnist Helpful Helen is here to help everyone who needs advise. Email her at [email protected] with any questions or problems.

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Zarah Whittle


I’m a sophomore, this is my first year doing journalism, my hobbies include lifting weights and Track and Field. After high school I hope to become a meteorologist.

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Annie Kocvara


I’ve been writing for the school newspaper since last year, and i’ve really enjoyed it. I like informing others on events going on around. Even though I’m not the best writer I still love being on the newspaper. I like reading,...

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Chris Blanchard


I’ve been part of the Trojan Tribune since the beginning of last school year and primarily report on political news and food reviews, although I am very fond of political satire when the chance arises. My hobbies include Vide...

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Maddie Dunn


This is my second year of Journalism. I enjoy reading and writing which is why this is one of my favorite classes. In the future I plan on becoming a chef and part time writer.

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Alexis Norman


I pretty much like all sports, there is not one sport i don’t like. English is one of my favorite classes, I always look forward to it. I am not the biggest fan of science. And I am in love with food, food is amazing.

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Paige Powell


Hey! I’m a writer for the Pahrump Valley news website. In the future, I want to be a nurse. I like to draw and I’m working on a comic series.My favorite subject is drama because I want to get into small theater. ...

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Jordyn Larsen


As a former band member, I am extremely passionate about music and I love to dance. Currently, I am on the PVHS Dance Team and I play the clarinet, oboe and a little bit of percussion. I also love writing and drawing, because it...

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Destany Ivy


I’m a journalist for your newspaper this year. I try to get as involved as I can and interact with fellow students. A little known fact is I never thought to be a journalist in the future, but a psychiatrist. But look here I...

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Sabrina Jaynes


I am a radical 17 year old who likes English and nothing else. English is my whole life. English is me. I am the third part of the Holy Trinty (the prettiest).

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Robin Benbo


I work for PVHS News. This is my first year in Journalism. I like to hangout with my friends and play games. I like Batman movies and Guardians of The Galaxy.

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Alyssa Greenway


My name is Alyssa Greenway and I have been writing for the school newspaper for about two-years. I typically like writing about the News and Featured such as, prophecies, theories , shooting and military related. When i gradua...

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Emily Roberts


Hello, I am an aspiring journalism student and I have a passion for music in all aspects. I am a member of student council and a leader in science club. I am also the third (and smartest) part of the Holy Trinity. ...

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Kenya Vanderbeek


I love playing soccer and basketball. I enjoy Interact Club and have six siblings. I want to be nurse in the future.

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Jeremiah Oloff


I like sports and reading. My favorite sports are baseball and football. I will mostly write news.

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Sakura Kirby


I want to be a paramedic. I want to enlist into the reserves. My favorite animal is a giraffe. I also play the piano. I’m in JROTC and after school I participate in UDT. [unarmed drill team]

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Avi Huling


I’m a junior at PVHS. I have been writing for the school newspaper for two school years now and it’s pretty fun. My favorite tone to write in is the journalistic tone because i’m good at explaining things as casual as possible. A...

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Hezekiah Lubas


I usually like to type just Normal news or if I feel that I should I will write a review upon something really anything that I think people should know. My hobbies are drones, photoshopping, and playing computer games. And lik...

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Mateya Perez


I’m 15 years old and this is my first year of Journalism. I am very passionate about makeup and animals. I do as well like to play football, cook, do make up, and hang out with my dogs. I would soon love to be a photographer ...

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Spencer Abrams


I’ve been writing for the Trojan Tribune for one year. I signed up for the class thinking it would be an English credit like Journalism classes usually are. It wasn’t. I’ve written a variety of stories for the Trojan Tribu...

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Nathan Rodriguez


I am a senior at Pahrump Valley High School. I was born on June 25th, 1999. This year I turned 18 and had an amazing birthday. My two favorite hobbies in the world include listening to music and spending time with my friends a...

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Ryan Cook


This is my second year of attending the Trojan Tribune. My interests are playing video games, bowling, and watch races at the speedway. My favorite type of stories are the sports category and opinion pieces. When I grow up, I plan ...

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Shelby Ledford


Along with my passion for journalism, I absolutely love to dance! I am on the PVHS Dance Team and a dance instructor at a local studio. I am also the reigning Miss Pahrump!

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Ashley Jones


I’m new to PVHS this year though I am a senior. This is my first year of Journalism. I’ve been writing fiction for about six years and hope to publish several novels in the future. I love humor, memes, anime, and video games. ...

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Ayah Khatib


This is my first year in Journalism. I love expressing my opinions and debating with others. I heavily believe that everyone deserves a voice. I like to ride my bike, read, and I love to work with animals. ...

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Jazmine Cook


 I am a junior who enjoys taking pictures. This is my first year at PVHS and also my first year in the journalism program. After high school I am joining the military for four years and then I will be getting my degrees in p...

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Nevaeh Black


I love writing, math, and science. When I’m older I’m going into the medical field. I’m going to be either a Midwife or a Biostatistician. I love dance, cheer, and my life revolves around music, it’s my escape from li...

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Dominic Juranty


I am a first year journalist for the Trojan Tribune that is passionate for academics and skateboarding. If someone is struggling academically, I am more than glad to help. I aspire to become a physician after college, and I fee...

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Jenifer Martinez


I am a senior and this is my last year. I wanted to try something new like journalism. I like listening to music and being with my friends on the weekend. I like watching netflix. I also love eating mexican food. I love animals. I...

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Ashlee Farruggia


I'm a junior at Pahrump valley high school, my hobbies are listening to music and hanging out with friends. This is my first year in journalism and my first time writing for this school. I like reading and being active. I wan...

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Ronni Spaulding


I’m a Junior who attends Pahrump Valley High School. This year is my first year in journalism, and also my first time writing for a newspaper. I have played basketball for 2 years at Pahrump Valley, but this year I may be taking a...

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Ana Gonzalez


I've been in Journalism for two school years. I love music and staying hyped. Softball, soccer, and track are my favorite sports! I want to go to college and become a cosmetologist, and counselor( Therapist). I enjoy giving grea...

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Jazmyne Turner


I've been doing this for a couple of months.I like running and cooking on my free time. I play basketball and i run track and field. Im #1 in Pahrump for sprinters for girls. I want to become a lawyer in the future....

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