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The Trojan Tribune

The Trojan Tribune

Top Three Best Batman OAT

Who is the best Batman?
Batman was first a comic book character in May 1939 in Detective Comics no. 27 he was created by the artist Bob Kane and also the writer Bill Finger. He has appeared in many comics and more movies since his first appearance and has over 1,028 issues of Detective Comics since his first appearance in 1939 and 885 issues of the eponymous Batman series that followed it in 1940. 

Since we’ve talked about who created Batman let’s talk about the best Batman that ever hit the big screen like Christian Bale, Robert Pattison, and of course Will Arnett. Christian Bale is in this top three because he will always have a place in my heart in his trilogy of movies each of them is so amazingly done and he just sets the tone of these movies when he is on the screen. Each of his movies never gets old and I could rewatch them forever and not get bored with them because it seems like you could see something different in every shot they take for the movie like when he’s on the skyscraper or the chase between the cops and Bane. His suit is also amazing it has improved since the first Batman “Batman Begins.” His first suit reminds me of the suit that Michael Keaton wore in “Batman” 1989 with his stiff neck and that rubber look. But the best suit Christian Bale has worn would be in his second Batman film “The Dark Knight” where he got his slimmer, plated bat-suit that fits him way better and makes the movie way better and sets a tone whenever he’s on screen.

Moving on with another top 3 would be the newest in the Batman films and that would be Robert Pattison Batman from “The Batman” The tone he sets to his suit just fits too well for the early years of Batman and how he patrols the night putting fear into every criminal who roams the night knowing the bat would strike at any moment.  His suit is more on the unique end with a detachable batterang that’s his bat symbol on his chest and it helps him a lot to get out of many situations in the movie He also has longer pointier ears than other Batman. Pattison just plays this role so well from being a dark character and showing how Batman is supposed to be played.

The last and final Batman of my top 3 would be none other than Will Arnett from “The Lego Batman” Will Arnett played such an amazing role in this character and made a different side of Batman like he’s happier and more joyful than other Batman I’ve named. He sets a funny tone in his comedy jokes but there are some scenes where he is serious but not as serious as the live-action Batman that I’ve seen. His suit is inspired by Michale Keaton’s bat suit from the looks of it from the sleek black and yellow bat symbol. 

Other people’s favorite Batman is a little different from mine. First Alejandro Rayas said he prefers Ben Affleck’s Batman. His Batman is more on the bigger side of the Batman I’ve seen and he said he sets that tone of the movie he’s in as dark, scary, and terrifying. He also likes him because of that one scene of him working out in the bat cave and getting ready to fight Superman. Ben Affleck has appeared in many movies Batman v. Superman, Suicide Squad, Justice League, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and The Flash. He also says that he’s legit just like Batman because they are both big.

Second Samuel Mendoza loves Christian Bale as I do from first his tone as he said and the fight between Batman and Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises” He just loves everything from the shots to the fight scenes and how Bruce Wayne is created into this Batman. He also loves some funny scenes from his movies like in “The Dark Knight” where Batman is interrogating The Joker to find where the two kidnapped people are before they blow up, These are both of Their favorite Batman and the reason why these are the top three best Batmans that ever hit the big screen and the reason why you should think the same and make these your top three Batman as well.

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About the Contributor
Brody Brown, Journalist
Brody Brown, who was born in Las Vegas, has lived in Pahrump almost his whole life and is a freshman at PVHS. Brody is also one of the best Siege players in the school and one of the best Fortnite players. Brody’s interest is in the gym because he is getting stronger and more athletic. He loves video games like Rainbow Six and Fortnite because he says he’s too good at them Call of Duty is another game he likes and he says he’s also a pro level and he is too good and I quote “Catch me on Rust with my favorite weapon I’m hitting a nuke.” Brody also loves swimming; it gets him active so he can get a tan and not be white like Casper. Brody also likes watching the show The Boys on Amazon Prime. Brody wants to be a rich man with a stunning house with many cars, also he wants to change the world for the better. Maybe he'll do that but he also wants to be successful in anything he is going to do and be better at it. Lastly, Brody thinks entertainment, sports, and crime would be fun things to look at in journalism.

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