Ways to breeze through your first year of high school (Tips and Advice)

Advice for upcoming 9th graders

Eugene Harris

The first year of high school can be pretty tough and a hard thing to get through, so here is some tips and advice to breeze through Freshman year.

I am a 9th grader at PVHS and I feel there is more freedom like able to use your phones and do things that you weren’t able to in middle school but things can get carried away. And your first year of high school can be mentally harsh by stressing you out which can cause depression and physically like making you annoyed and can even cause fatigue. But you only need a few tips to help ease up the enormous pile of stress.

3 of the 4 students I interviewed said that their Freshman year was a 4 out of 10 of how hard their year was and all of the 4 said that they used some sort of hacks and tips.

One: get involved, socialize and join clubs and programs. Getting involved will help you get known and also will help you with credits and because more clubs mean more experience and college.

Socializing will help you become a more open person and becoming an open person will help you make friends and maybe even get rid of shyness and help you feel comfortable with talking in front of a crowd or group.

Two: Always stay on task and focus on what really matters. Being cool and being popular isn’t what matters, your grades and work matter. Worry about school, not your social life but never worry too much. For example, when doing your homework, put your phone on airplane mode because it will help you focus!

Three: Don’t fall into the wrong crowd or be a follower. Falling into the wrong crowd can ruin your life. No joke. Having bad influencers and negativity around you can have you do things that you know are not okay and know you shouldn’t be doing they can get you involved in bad things and ruin your streak on staying focus on school being a follower is not okay basically as a follower if that leader still doing drugs and drinking it will make/influence you to do the same because that one group/person is doing it. You can tell if they’re bad influencers if you wouldn’t do it without them but do it with them just because they want you to or they are doing it then it is a sign that they are bad influencers.

Some ways you can be a leader is that if you see someone being a follower talk to them try and get them out of that situation and influence them to do positive things.

Four: Stay prepared and ready. Staying ready and prepared can lead you in the right direction. A way I always stay ready is before leaving the house I take out a pencil and a pen and put it into my pocket so I can always be ready to write.

Here are some tips and hacks I created in my career.

So you can always know which notebook belongs to which class, and it never takes time looking for the right notebook Take all the school notebooks, and different colors, and I mark each bottom of the notebook with a color and that is how I know which notebook is for which class so I won’t take time to find my notebook.

Also, a tip I have for you is always to keep an extra shirt in your bag for any situation.

Another tip that I use is to always turn your water bottle upside down to check the top is correctly put on and no spills happen in your bag/backpack.

Another tip I have is to put your heavier books into the pockets closer to your back and the light books in the pockets that are farther away from your back, this will make your backpack much lighter.

Signing off, Eugene Harris.