Cunningham Construction: From the Ground Up

How has Allen Cunningham, the founder of Cunningham Construction, maintained his company all these years, and made it into a staple of Pahrump?


One of Pahrump’s most renowned businesses, Cunningham Construction, has decided to share some of its many secrets to success. Cunningham Construction, established by Allen Cunningham and his wife, Joann Cunningham, has been running since 2004- nearly 19 years. The business was all started because of Mr.Cunningham’s fascination to “take a piece of dirt, design something on paper, and then build it into fruition in the physical world,” as well as having the ability to choose his own schedule and wants to work with. Even though there was such a dependable man at the helm of this business, he gratefully credits his wife for helping him start, organize, and fulfill his dream. It was always part of his dream to have his construction company, and “just to have her support through the good times and the bad times,” he values her, not just as a business partner, but as a wife as well.

Although it may seem as though this business has perfected what makes it work, it wasn’t always this way from the start. Initially, it started off really well, the market was hot in terms of home sales, but with the economic crash in the early 2000s, Mr.Cunningham decided to put the business on hold until the crisis was over. After years of waiting, 2011 seemed to be the perfect time to start up again. Although it may seem like this business has everything figured out, it too has its own struggles to overcome as well. Mr.Cunningham believes one of the biggest challenges he experienced during the growth of his company was, “having dependable employees- employees that are reliable… when you create a team, the bigger your team gets, the more you’re relying on other people.” Having reliable workers, people who are consistent, and people that show up, is one of the challenges that shone through for Cunningham Construction.

Just like every business, Cunningham Construction has been gifted many opportunities over the years. For Mr.Cunningham, his easygoing and trusting character has been one such gift. He enjoys how he can establish trust with people and their reliance on him if they need something constructed or maybe even a kitchen remodeled. On top of that, occasionally someone calls out to him if they need a job done because perhaps a friend referred them to him, and over time as his name gets out there more he lands bigger jobs, like jobs for the school district for example. Creating his own business and seizing opportunities has truly been a blessing for Mr.Cunningham. He says he loves how the business, “Has given me the ability to make a really good living. To give me that freedom to be with my family, to give me that flexibility to hang out with my kids- support them when they have dance competitions, to be able to travel and take time off.” He believes he has a great life on this planet, and a lot of it has come from his business and his ability to be who he has and be with who he loves because of it.

For those who may need something built-or rather constructed, and even remodeled, check out the Cunningham Construction website, or call 775-751-2845 and give Mr.Cunningham a chat.