Come get all your barbecue cravings at Pete’s Meats and Treats.

Pete’s Meats and Treats is a mobile food truck here in town that has delicious tasty barbecue ready to feed the community.

Come get all your barbecue cravings at Petes Meats and Treats.

In the small town of Pahrump, Nevada there is a small mobile food truck business called Pete’s Meats and Treats. It is on the corner of 160 and Carlton St in the parking lot of J Mar Custom Motorcycle Shop. The two who manage the business are Pete Ellis the main owner, and his daughter, Trish Ellis. They first started their business because Trish grew up with him always cooking for her every day. She loves his cooking and she stated, “I wanted him to share the yummy cooking with everyone and I thought that he needed to open up a restaurant and share with everyone.” After that moment their business started up on March 28, 2015. Although they had many fears coming when it came to starting a business.

Many people are very wary of eating off a mobile food truck, especially in a small town. People don’t know what they could be getting into but for Pete’s Meats and Treats, they kept those thoughts in the back of their minds and kept going. Trish says, “When you first start your business it’s always scary moving from off the ground. Mobile BBQ here in Pahrump is definitely really slow to get off the ground.” During the first year, they had very slow days; barely anyone was in line but during that year they went to go “work at Lakeside our very first year of business and word got out that there was a new flavor in town and the rest is history and we have been growing ever since” Trish says. The business grew and people are lining up outside their food truck waiting to get their delicious, sweet, and tasty barbecue.

One thing they love about their business is they get regulars, people come up to them about their schedule wondering where they are going to be. People want their meat and no matter where the business is, regulars still show up. Trish does state, “The business to this day still faces no challenges at least when it comes to having to compete with other barbecue places since there’s not any out here in Pahrump like them.” Trish also says that “Even if someone did open up another barbecue joint like us I wouldn’t call it a competition. Wouldn’t start anything against nobody just want everyone to do their own thing and be happy.”

The business will not be around later in the future. After questioning Trish to see where they see their business in the future she states “Him retired and me somewhere else. I don’t see continuing on after he retires. I love this but it’s not my passion, It’s his passion.” The business will not be around forever. However, the business is not planning on going anywhere any time soon so you as the community still have time to go down and get your delicious barbecue.

Overall, the love behind this business is what brings good food and puts smiles on people’s faces. They are hard-working people who are trying to brighten up people’s day. Serving good food for years on end. Pete and Trish are proud to call Parhump their home and have a true connection to this community.

If you wish to contact them their number is (775) 910-2024. You can also find them at 1271 S Highway 160. Their schedule is Tuesday-Friday Open 12 pm-6 pm and Saturday-Monday they are closed. Their social media is Facebook at Pete’s Meats & Treats if you want to see all the updates on the business.