The Emails

All anyone cared about in 2016 was emails. Trump's been sending updates since then, and nobody is talking about it.

Courtesy of the Trump Administration

Courtesy of the Trump Administration

Spencer Abrams, Editor

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  In terms of emails, it’s been a rough couple of years for politicians.

  “Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

  This was the official quote by former FBI director James Comey regarding the Clinton emails. Two years later, there’s a new email controversy.

  I wanted to write an article about the Trump administration. They have an email service one can sign up for, and get updates on their process. It has devolved into begging.

  Emails are sent twice a day, and they always ask for money while attacking some left-leaning politicians who always seem out to get him.

  Despite these 1984 “needing a threat to allow for drastic action” words, which would mean using an enemy to seem like the underdog to rally public support, it’s comes across as desperate that he asks for money constantly.

  Unfortunately, the whole situation has developed into something much more dire than simple advertisement. Ivanka Trump, the first daughter, is using a personal email account for federal affairs.

  This is the same crime that set Hillary Clinton back in the polls. Fox News has 43 stories about Clinton’s emails, and 5 about Ivanka’s. The Clinton stories sum up to: Clinton has violated national security, and is therefore unfit to be president. The Ivanka stories sum up to: Ivanka holds a lesser rank, didn’t violate national security through emails because they contained little classified information, and Ivanka didn’t delete any emails, and Ivanka was told to use her account, so it’s not an issue.

  I am slightly left of right, but I still think that there is hypocrisy in making emails a large point in denying the presidency due to national security, and then being okay with a similar breach.

  If it reaches a point where Ivanka is found illegitimate, which it should, she could be impeached. The process of impeaching a non-elected official is an interesting one. The simplest method would be for Trump to expel her from his counsel.

  That obviously wouldn’t be received warmly by Trump staff. They’re family. Ivanka is an official Senior Adviser to the staff. This makes her a part of the Executive Office of the President. The only way to remove a member of this organization is to remove the President himself.

  However, keeping a corrupt official in your staff makes you impeachable. It’s a domino effect. This is all hypothetical, though.

  The source for all this speculation is a 1998 thesis by Robert A. Schapiro and Michael J. Broyde, two Southern lawyers. They, like several other Southerners, were concerned with Hillary Clinton’s role in governing in the 90s.

  How far we’ve come.

  Either way, Ivanka probably isn’t going to be removed for her actions. Her email exploits are largely exaggerated by the left and ignored by the right.

  However, this was about the constant stream of emails begging for money, not about scandals. Donald Trump is worth 3.1 billion dollars according to Forbes, and is the 259th richest person in America.

  Ross Perot is currently worth 4.1 billion dollars and almost entirely funded his own 1992 campaign.

  Trump’s latest email has peaked at the unprofessional level. Let’s break it down.

  “Since the moment I announced my presidential campaign in 2015, the establishment has tried to stop me,” is the opening line. This ignores the long Wikipedia article I have open on the list of people who have endorsed him, mainly Republican senators, representatives, governors, and state legislators.

  Of course, the house and the senate had to be fully against him in 2015 and 2016. Except that the Republicans had the majority in both, and it was led by Paul Ryan, a person who, as of May 12th, 2016, is a Trump endorser.

  “But they have failed time and time again because YOU chose to stand by my side and fight to Make America Great Again!” continues the email.

  Technically, “they,” (they being the political establishment) failed because Trump won the primary.

   Due to the Republican opposition only having Cruz to rally behind, who has been described as a “stridently reactionary” candidate, there was no real opposition for a Republican candidate.

  Because of this, Trump rose to be the G.O.P. candidate. Then, he ran against Hillary, an equally polarizing figure. Combined with a low voter turnout, as also claimed by the New York Times, there was no way Trump couldn’t lose.

  So Trump didn’t win because his side was for him. He won because the other side was terribly apathetic.

  These are just two lines of one email, but they all take a similar tone, broad claims that are easily accepted are used to sell the Trump administration.

  I find this to be harsh marketing with little substance, but it’s apparently raised 18 million dollars, according to the administration. Maybe they do know something about marketing.