SmartPhones are they Help or Hindrance?

Ever since the development of social media and smartphones, they have caused problems with kids and adults. It can go from bullying each other on social media to a lack of social skills. Are kids and adults using their phones how they are supposed to be used like help with homework or talking to a friend that has moved far away?

Zaiden Martinez, Digital Entertainment Editor

One of the reasons why smartphones were created was to connect you with people that don’t live near you. You could also use them for help like homework or try to find that song that has been stuck in your head. People just don’t use them for that anymore. They are now using smartphones for gaming or social media. When social media came out it made it easier to bully others.

If smartphones were used like they were supposed to they can help with many things. They can provide many services but also can be taken on the go, most of them are small enough to fit in a pocket. You are able to listen to music on and offline. They can predict emergencies like earthquakes or heat waves before they happen. If an emergency happens it makes it easier to get in contact with 911 or an ambulance.

When people stopped using smartphones for how they were supposed to be used, they were then used for other things. Although social media could be used for good like meeting others or getting  back in touch with people you have disconnected with, most people are not using it this way. They started to be used for gaming, social media and just watching videos on YouTube. The more games/apps developers came out with the more people got addicted to their phones. On YouTube, you can look up help or how to do certain things but that’s not how people use them. People look up what’s trending or new challenges and would just spend their entire day watching videos. Smartphones are basically creating a generation that doesn’t have any social skills and spend most of their days just on their phone.

Every person who has a Smartphone also has an opinion on whether they are good or not. Here is what Kayliana Francis, a Sophomore at PVHS had to say, “I agree that smartphones are a good thing because we can stay in contact with family members or have GPS help us to not get lost. If you are stuck on homework it can help with that. You can also meet others from around the world.” She had a good point about if people get lost your phone has a built GPS tracker which can guide you to not become lost anymore. Here is what April Cichocki, a Sophomore at PVHS had to say “I disagree that smartphones are a good thing because people are addicted to their smartphones especially at a young age. and also… We don’t know the long-lasting effects on people from the high-frequency waves and radiation that is emitted from phones and many devices alike.” She has a good point that it’s “causing addiction especially at a young age”. Kids should not be addicted at a young age because they will lack the social skills they need for their brain to properly develop with the social skills they need.

In conclusion, smartphones could be used for a lot of good if people used them for how they were supposed to. It is causing addiction to young kids whose brains are still developing. Smartphones can also help you stay in contact with friends and family. Smartphones change if they are good or not by how they are used. When a generation grows up with their heads in smartphones they might teach that to their kids which then causes another generation with their heads in phones and it just keeps going.