Beyond The Unknown

Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. -Arthur C. Clarke (A British science fiction writer, science writer and futurist, inventor, undersea explorer, and television series host)

Alyssa Greenway, Journalist

  The possibility of people not being alone in the universe has came to many people’s mind, and causes the fear of the unknown. William Shakespeare said, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” He explains that human knowledge might be mistaken among our universe and not as reliable.

   Boriska Kipriyanovich (Kip-ree-on-uh-vich), a 21 year-old Russian man, has claimed that before his life on Earth he was born on Mars in his past life.

  His parents claim that he has spoken about alien civilizations since he was a young boy despite them never teaching him anything about the matter of extraterrestrials and other civilizations. But as years passed. He couldn’t remember every memory that he had told his parents or remembered while he was young.

  He states that he was born on Mars with an advanced alien species. He claims that he had visited Earth while working as a pilot on Mars and that they had very close connections to ancient Egyptians around 332 B.C.    

  Kipriyanovich has stated that his race was merely alive and striving until a nuclear war had struck their cities burning down everything and eliminating most of them. There are some that built shelters and created new weapons. He added to his interview that they grow to about 7ft tall, can breathe carbon dioxide and still live on Mars, but they are now underground.

  The aliens aged until 35 and that is when they would stop aging and become immortal. He has said that oxygen causes our bodies to age more, and carbon dioxide is the only thing the people on Mars can breath since the atmosphere was destroyed.

  He also describes the moon landing in 1969 and claimed that scientist made technical flaws with the Hubble telescope so that citizens wouldn’t find out when what is on the surface of the moon, and that we arrived to the moon and weren’t the first people on there it was already inhabited.

  The Martian civilization only visited Earth every two years and issued warnings to humans to stay out of the outer space, and they were only studying Earth because of the rock structure on Mars and they avoided the cities because of the pollution.

  This man’s story was being taken down because of the information he gave out to the world. He claims that there is a mechanism that is behind the Sphinxis’ ear and when it’s opened the human life will change drastically.

  Many may think this man is crazy and he is just looking for attention, that there is no way that he is telling the truth. What if he is right, though? There is a possibility that he really remembers his past life and is telling the truth.

  The government has tried hiding many things in order to “protect” our nations, from information, harmful threats from outsiders, aliens, and many more.But, why is the question?

   This world is full of unknown questions with made up answers, predictions, and theories. We will never truly know what is real and what is mere false accusations.

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