Years in a Book

Jordyn Larsen, Journalist

Social media is the typically the basis of a teenagers life. It is where we find our inner selves and where we can be anything we want. But when it comes to the school yearbook, it’s all set in stone because we are not the ones taking the picture.

  The school yearbook is full of memories of the school year, good or bad depending on what we make of it. Laughing at ourselves is all a part of the fun, but only if others are able to join in. It can be healthy, but only to an extent. Therefore, it is evident that people are indeed judging themselves.

  The yearbook is meant to remind us of all the good times we have experienced in high school. The ability to laugh at ourselves is actually something that can boost our self esteem.

  When all a person can see is the negative, there is no obligation to see the light and this is unhealthy. It is true that no one loves themselves completely but there are those who know their flaws are a part of who they are and they accept it. It’s easier for a person to just acknowledge their flaws and move on than to dwell on it and reside there.

 Our memories are held in yearbooks with every picture and note written in them. No matter what some think about themselves, the good wishes and thoughts of friends are there as well. Many don’t realize it, but there is a bright side to everything and they can see it if they just look.

  It’s a matter of how we view ourselves in everything. No matter if it is social media or a simple school picture in a book. People will see it and people will judge it; however, no picture is perfect and we are only human.

  Yearbooks are perhaps the best part of the school year because we get to see ourselves at our very best with our close friends in our most enjoyable moments. School is about more than just getting an education; it’s about growing as an individual ready to face the real world. And no one can do that without their daily dose of self-empowerment.