PVHS automotive SEMA trip


Jeremiah Oloff, Journalist

   SEMA is a private car show for buyers, industry members, exhibitors, and automotive education. It shows new technology and cars that will soon be introduced into the automotive industry. The program they have called SEMA Education introduces students to people who work in the industry and may be able to get automotive college students a job in what they are studying.

   Big industry people like Kawasaki go there to see what people will introduce to help the automotive industry, and provide for the future of the automotive industry. The show will always try to keep people informed on what is to come.

   One of the biggest things that is new is the autonomous electric vehicles. They are on their way to be the primary car that people will buy. Pretty soon driving will be irrelevant, and no one will know how or get taught how. They are getting a lot of progress done with the electrical vehicles such as the Mustang Lithium. 

   Nowell Boldra, Junior at PVHS says “Experiencing new and emerging automotive products of full autonomous robot worker and cars was a great thing to me.”

   The robot cars will change how people work and use the automotive technology because, soon people will no longer drive or learn how to. The industry needs to teach people how to work on these cars which will take a new generation of technicians. 

   Each car is adding more electronic parts to each new make that comes out, pretty soon it will be that all of the car is electric and will be harder to work on for older people.

   Mr. Christopher Funk, automotive teacher at PVHS said, “The Mustang Lithium gives me high hopes for our battery powered future. I was surprised at the look of the automation at the show.”

   The show had plenty of amazing things such as the Grave Digger truck but the way that they presented what they had was probably the most surprising. They always try to present to people in an amazing way so that, anybody who has been to the show before will still be amazed in the future to come. They put some cars inside on spinning stands and have some competitions there, such has the best make competition which is a competition about who has made the best car that year. They also have a competition about who can build and engine the fastest, they take it apart and have to put it back together.

One of the many cars that were shown at SEMA. This one was made by Roush

   Part of the SEMA Education program is the SEMA Launch Pad it is like the show Shark Tank. People ask big business owners and try to sell their products to them so that they can better it. 

   On the topic on helping students Chris Funk said, “The most important part of the SEMA trip is giving students the opportunity to network and introduce themselves to industry leaders, knowing people in this industry helps tremendously to enhance your career. I will continue to encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities given to them in hopes that they find the career path that they love and fits their life goals.”

   With that said you can look forward to more students finding what will be their career with the help of all the supportive teachers here at PVHS. SEMA is a great place for students to go and see what the industry is like and to try to get connected with people for their future.