How Does Music Get You Through Your School Day?


Sierra O´ Tool , Journalist

   Music, to a plethora of high school students, is the magic ingredient to getting through school daily. From easing the stress of schoolwork to taking you away from the cruel world of high school, music is extremely therapeutic to the mind and soul. 

  I went around and asked students at PVHS how music encourages and influences them to get their work done and to get through their day. Here’s what they said! 


   “Although different types of music can ease stress, it can also be a huge distraction to getting your work done and focusing in class,” said esteemed Freshman Journalist Sofia Poulis.




“Personally, I am into alternative rock and it helps ease stress for me. Also, it helps us want to focus in class” said PVHS Sophomores Brittany Logan and Aryanna Motley. 





Deserae O’tool, PVHS Freshman said, “It is absolutely not a distraction and helps you focus and relax. I wouldn’t know though because I still don’t have a phone *laughs awkwardly*.”



“It tunes out the world and helps me focus on myself and nobody else,” said PVHS Freshman Dominic Trevino. 



Michael Giambrone, PVHS Freshman said, “Music is fire! Oh, yeah, it’s pretty relaxing too. On a more serious note, music is a very important part of my life and helps me get through everything.”




“Music is soothing and relaxing for me and helps me concentrate,” said Tanya Orbe, PVHS Freshman.



”I would say that music eases stress and helps you focus better on your work,” said Chaun Garner, PVHS Sophomore.




   And the most iconic of answers I have ever received, from PVHS Sophomore Kaydance Hagerstrand, “Life without music would be a mistake!”



   As you can see, high schoolers at PVHS cannot strive without their music. Music is extremely important to relieving stress, taking a break from negative emotions, and becoming calm and soothed from pain and stress. I hope you enjoyed my article and feel free to leave your opinion on music in the comments! Thanks!