K.W. Jewelry

A high schooler by day, business owner by night.


Caitlyn Robbins, Journalist

Running a business in Pahrump would be a family-owned business, and run by adults. Here at Pahrump Valley High School, we have our very own business owner. Most people see her as a quiet type; a smart girl; someone who rides a dirt bike with friends along with her boyfriend. This student is Kaylin Wabsis, and she is a Sophomore at PVHS. That business is called  Kaylin’s Jewelry.

Kaylin’s business has been running for about 6 months. Before she started her business she started planning to make jewelry for her friends and family so she has something to do in her free time. Kaylin said in her interview, “I liked the thought of making jewelry and thought it was a good hobby too.” She started making jewelry in her free time after school.

It started as a hobby before one of her friends told her she can start a business for it. “I was talking to one of my friends about it and they mentioned I should make a business off it. Now thinking about it, it’s a good thing I did. I’m making something that I love doing and I can get paid to do it.” She is very happy to do something she loves to do, and it helps her to do something in her free time. 

The jewelry she makes is earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. She is planning to make more jewelry, which she stated in her interview. “I would love to make more jewelry when I know what people want the most, but for now I made jewelry that I know people would pick from.” Based on what jewelry you picked from you will get pearls, crystals, or little mushrooms, “Pearls, crystals, and mushrooms are pretty cute so I was like why not.” 

Kaylin’s prices for her jewelry are from $5 to $15, which are good prices, “They are good prices for them like $5 for earrings and rings, $10 for bracelets and $15 for necklaces.” It’s not expensive for them, and for them being homemade. That is even a better price for them. Although it’s homemade it won’t break after a few times of wearing it, “They are homemade but I make sure to use materials that won’t break easily, have good quality.” she said when asked about it. 

Kaylin sees herself still selling jewelry in the future. She is happy running a business and making jewelry so Kaylin definitely will be doing it for the long run, she stated: “Yeah I see myself still selling jewelry, I may not make it a huge thing but something to do on the side when I’m older, it’s something I love and I don’t think I will stop doing it.” She wants to keep making and selling jewelry not because it makes her happy but it’s the fact people would want her jewelry. Kaylin said “I love that people would buy from me, it’s a great feeling to know that someone wants something I made, something I love to make. Nothing would top that feeling.” 

Kaylin is a great student and a great business owner. Balancing school work, social life and also making jewelry. Although it may seem difficult, she can really make it seem so easy. We really should support Kaylin Wabsis, ways to get in contact with her are on Instagram @just_y_tho_.